4 – Ingredients Peanut Butter Cookies 👩🏻‍🍳🍪

This is something I saw my mum make a lot during Chinese New Year growing up.


Hello, friends!

It’s been a while… I feel like I haven’t updated posts as much as I want to.. I’m working on a few posts but I haven’t really got the motivation to do anything at all. I haven’t been feeling inspired for a while and I definitely have not been productive whatsoever. It’s not a good feeling, but hopefully, it’ll pass soon. But that’s besides the point of this post.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and my mum and I made some cookies. So, I decided to share the recipe with you all! It is extremely simple after all, and I think it’s also fool-proof, so I’m pretty sure anyone can make these.

Let’s get into it!

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The Best 2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Any Friend You Have 🎁🎄🎅🏼

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming up soon, and I got the ultimate Christmas gift guide that you can gift to any friends or family members you have!


Hello, friends!

How have you been? I have 5 assignments due next week and I’m barely done… I’m working on it though! And, everything to me is a priority, including this blog. I need to start working on my  YouTube channel too. I think my biggest concerns with the YouTube channel is that I don’t really have many ideas for a video? Plus, I have no budget whatsoever and everything of mine seemed quite repetitive. So, I’m working on ways I can incorporate my channel with my blog, so it’ll be easier for me to work with, Hmmm. Do any of you have an idea? You should share with me in the comments.

But, that’s beyond the point. I just ranted on too much now. Haha.

Well, Christmas is coming around and I decided it would be a great idea to provide a Christmas guide for your friends (or family members even). Don’t worry, I’ll consider the prices and give you a few options to choose from! I hope it’ll help/inspire you on what to get this Christmas. 😸

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Video 🎥: I baked classic cream puffs

I’ve tried making a blog post about baking before, but I didn’t like the end result of it… So, I ended up not posting them. This has happened two times already x-x


This time I decided to film myself making them. I know I’m not the best at filming or have the best camera, but I think it’s entertaining enough to watch ahaha. I left the recipe and such in my video description so if you ever want to bake them yourself, you can check it there! Click here to watch the video. And, if you liked it, feel free to hit the subscribe button as I do post it on YouTube before I make a post about it.

Tell me if you would ever try baking them in the comments below! And if you do, please tag me in your picture so I can see how yours turned out. Good luck!

Hope y’all are doing great!


Food Hunt 🍴: 10 Grams 

Decided to write about this local cafe-restaurant near my house that I like


Hello Syllies! How’re you today?

Well, I decided to give you a little peak into this cute place that I’ve dined in for a few times. 10 grams is a little place that’s about 5-10 minutes away from where I stay. One would to describe the vibe of it is cozy. I feel likt the decor of the area is very cute, and they have different types of seating area that goes together quite well. There’s three seating sections: one main area where the bar is at as well, a middle outdoor seating area/smoking area, and another indoor one. The other indoor seating area is actually really cool! I say this because it is made out of a large metal box- the type you see on big trucks that carry large items around… Hmmm, I don’t really know how to explain it but that’s the gist.

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Food Hunt: Paddington House of Pancakes

I could honestly say having pancakes once in a while is the greatest feeling ever. Getting that whiff of freshly flipped pancakes. Mmmhhh.


This is a pancake place that is really cute. I’ve been here a few, and I’ve recommended the place to some people before; the food there seem to be pretty good to me. I feel like the prices isn’t too bad, I mean, most of the time these pancake places would be about the same price.

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Food Hunt: Nana’s Green Tea

Green tea flavoured foods are literally my favourite thing ever! So much that I had to share this place with you guys.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 20.34.40.png

Hello cutiepies!

Nana’s Green Tea hands down provides the best green tea drinks and desserts I have ever tried. I am in love with their green tea parfaits, especially the one with a little green tea cake on it! From what I know, they’re a branch originally from Japan and apparently have most of their ingredients imported from there. I’m not entirely sure about that, but, the food is still amazing!

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DIY Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

A little something I decided to try…


Hello cutiepies!

So, last week I decided to make my mum and my friends some sugar body scrub. At first, I wanted to make a coffee scrub… But sadly, I couldn’t find anywhere that sold coffee grounds. It’s not really common here I suppose. Anyway, as an alternative, I decided to make a vanilla scented body scrub.

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