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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. 😸

I’m Sylvia, a 19-year-old student living in a little country called Malaysia. Below is a little picture of me.


I started this blog as I thought it would be a great project to do and share with the rest of the internet. I would say I’m quite the introvert, and I tend to be more open to sharing my thoughts by writing down in journals or notes. So, this is a great alternative. In addition, I plan on “participating more in life”, which is a sort of motto in my life. What I mean by “participating more” is just literally what it says- just doing/discovering more things in life. To me, it is a great way to discover and improve oneself.

Plus, I enjoy sharing my experience with different makeup and skincare products to help you as a buyer and reader to get a gist of whether the product is worth it or interesting enough for you to try on your own!

I hope you will enjoy and join me in my adventure to explore more about ourselves and the world around us.



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Blog posts and pictures used on this website belong to me unless stated otherwise (if anyone is wondering, I take all of my pictures using my iPhone and camera, Canon EOS M10). Any sort of reviews I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. Keep in mind that products that work for me may not work for you, everyone has different skin type and ours may not match. Products shown on my blog are bought by me unless stated otherwise (sponsored product, etc.); I will mention in the post if it is sent to me by anyone.