Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Toner and Deep Emulsion Review

I’ve heard of thank you farmer, and I’ve been interested in their products for a while now. But since I’m drowning in owning too much skincare already, I had to push not buying so more.

But I did have the opportunity from the Malaysia team themselves to review some products! Since my skin is on the drier side. They chose their deep moisturising set for me to use, so I was able to try their True Water deep toner and emulsion. Do check out their instagram! I’m also curious how their sunscreen would work out.

True Water Deep Toner

The bottle is made of glass and it’s weighted. It feel quite expensive, the frosted bottle itself seems thick. The downside of this is that you can’t really carry it everywhere since it is heavy. I really think it looks really nice on my vanity, haha, it makes me feel real luxe.

The texture of the toner is not watery but more of semi thick gel-like cream. It’s pretty much translucent. In my opinion, it does have a really strong lemony citrus scent to it. It’s milder compared to the emulsion.

After using it my skin does feel more hydrated and soft but the effects are not as strong as what I’m used to. The gel cream has a nice texture and is easy to apply on the skin. I personally do not enjoy the scent because it reminds me of cleaning products. Aside from the scent, this toner is pretty okay!

True Water Deep Emulsion

The emulsion, on the other hand, was quite different. I’ve used it for 2 weeks, but my skin kept stinging everytime I used it. I thought it would get better after the first few rounds of using it, but even after the second week, it just continue to sting my skin. I do have eczema on my body, and the scent in this one is extremely strong (even my nose gets a little irritated when using it), so that’s probably why my skin was stinging? Thank you Farmer told me that it’s suitable for sensitive skin, but maybe due to my eczema my skin just couldn’t take it?

I gave it to my mum instead and she said she quite enjoyed using it. She said after using it, her face does feel more hydrated and she has been using it as a moisturiser. The texture of the emulsion is more on the mild cream type, kind of a lotion consistency. It spreads and absorbs into the skin easily as well. Aside from the overwhelming scent, it was decent.

Verdict: 6/10

Overall, I quite like the toner! I enjoy the texture and I absolutely love the packaging of the frosted glass bottles. I don’t think I’ll repurchase the emulsion because of my skin irritation issues.

FTC- Products were sent to me for reviewing purposes. Everything stated is my opinion and is not influenced by anything else.

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