Real Barrier Full Set Review

So, I managed to snag this whole set thanks to StyleKorean! If you don’t know the website, well you’re in for treat~ Hehe…

StyleKorean is a website that allows you to purchase thousands of amazing Korean beauty items with the best prices! They ship worldwide and you can opt for free shipping when you hit a certain amount! Moreover, they ship really quickly based on my experience shopping on there. Be on the look out for amazing deals though, I’ve managed to get some peripera lipsticks for USD 2.99!

I’ve never tried or heard of Real Barrier before, so I was quite intrigued. According to the brand, it’s skincare made specifically for adults and focus on the skin barrier. It’s also the first human skin barrier formula skincare brand!

The 5 products sent to me is actually their whole “Skin Barrier Tightening Routine”. They also recommended simple steps of 2 products.

Let’s get on with the review!

Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm

I really like oil balms to remove my makeup as I think it’s the best way to removing whatever that has been sitting on the my face the whole day. I surprisingly really enjoy that this one comes in a tube form so it’s really quick to get to the product. Usually, it comes in a tub where you need a spatula to scoop out, so this is more convenient.

This oil balm claims to have all these benefits as well as keeping the skin moisturised!

The oil balm has a mild herbal smell, but nothing too overwhelming. It successfully removed all of my makeup including my waterproof mascara and liner without much effort. When mixing it with water, it becomes a milky colour as expected. It washes off easy and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or uncomfortable. But, better not get any in your eyes! It really stings, so wash with caution, I know I burned my eyes ;;

Real Barrier Cream Cleanser Foam

Personally, I enjoy myself a nice foam cleanser. I haven’t had any bad experiences with foam cleansers as I always choose a mild one that doesn’t strip my face off and leave it dry! This cleanser is actually clinically proven to help deep cleanse and even remove fine dust, among other things:

The cleanser is a white milky colour. It almost barely has any scent to it, not really noticeable, I can’t really pick up the scent. After using a pea size amount and lathering it up with some water, it does foam a bit but not too much. The foam applies well onto the skin and is easy to spread around.

After washing the cleanser off, my skin does not feel like it is striped off everything. It actually feels clean yet leaving my skin feeling a bit smoother and softer to touch if you can actually believe it! I was really impressed and have been using it as my day and night cleanser.

Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner

Since my skin is a bit on the drier side, I would usually reach for a toner immediately after cleansing my face. My toner preference is one without alcohol and is moisturising. This toner really checked all the points! It is a light texture that helps rehydrate the skin and has all these other benefits:

I have to agree with this as I think this is such a great toner. The texture is somewhat of a very light gel. It’s not as if it’s water, it has a slightly thicker consistency but nothing too heavy. It has a slight herbally scent to it as well that’s very faint and I usually cannot smell it. It feels extremely light on the skin and absorbs quite quickly.

The effect is instant, my skin immediately feels rehydrated and renourished. I really enjoy how it feels after using on my skin, it makes it feel soft and supple. As I am use to thicker products, I do not feel that it’s sticky/ heavy/ uncomfortable. I also usually like to pat 2 layers onto my skin!

Real Barrier Extreme Cream Ampoule

Ampoule can also be considered a serum in some ways, I think… It helps give your skin a little more care when you need it. This serum has 3 types of Ceramide, which is an ingredient that really helps with providing hydration to the skin, so I was really shock to hear! It also has:

Unlike usual ampoules, this one comes in a plastic bottle instead of a glass, even it’s little dripper is plastic! So you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it or when taking it for travel. I also like that it has a ready to use function cause when you close the ampoule all the way it causes the dripper to suck in the ampoule and when you open the bottle, it’s already ready to go!

The ampoule is white and has a medium consistency. It’s thicker than the toner but not extremely thick and heavy. It also has the same scent as the other products which is mild and barely noticeable. It applies easily and absorbs fairly into the skin. I usually use this when my skin needs an extra boost. If you’re also a dry person, then this definitely doesn’t feel like anything on your skin at all. But granted if you touch your face, there is a bit of a slight tacky feeling, it goes away after the product is absorbed into the skin!

Real Barrier Extreme Cream

This cream has won many awards, and honestly I get why. I was pretty shook when I first used it! It helps skin barrier improvement and has 72 hour-long hydration! It even has legitimate research to back-up its claims, so I’m not one to rebuttal proof!

These are also some of it’s other benefits:

I can’t comment on whether my skin’s elasticity has improved because I’m still quite young and I haven’t been using it long enough to make a comment.

Upon first glance, it looks like a heavy, rich, and thick cream. And when scooping it up, it does feel and look heavy. It’s soooo weird because once you spread it on your face, you really do not expect it! It does not feel thick or heavy whatsoever, infact after spreading it on your skin it feel extremely lightweight, it’s incredible! Similar to the rest, it also has a faint scent that is unnoticeable. It is also not sticky at all, and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly! I’m IN LOOOOOVE!!!

After using it, my skin is left feeling supple and extremely moisturised. I really enjoy using this moisturiser a lot. They also currently have a LIMITED edition set that comes with a cute can coin box, and a really cute glass that I’ve been using! You can purchase it here for only USD 26.60 (pppssttt… it’s original retail price is USD 38).

Verdict: 9.5/10

Honestly, if you have drier skin, I would recommend these products to use! I’ve really been loving them myself, and with how light all the products have felt, I think it’s pretty suitable for winter time too! All in all, the products were of high quality and amazing ingredients! The prices are also in an affordable range and I honestly would repurchase again. I have to say my favourite out of the line were the toner and moisturiser, they were really effective.

To purchase more from Skin Barrier, click here!

Have you heard of this brand? And if you haven’t would you like to try?

FTC- Products were sent to me for reviewing purposes. Everything stated is my opinion and is not influenced by anything else.


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