Christmas Party with Dolly Wink

The Butterfly Project done it again and wrapped 2019 with a final Christmas party. This time in collaboration with Dolly Wink!

If you don’t know Dolly Wink, you must really be living under a rock (I kid, I kid..). They’re one of the biggest Japanese brands that are most famous for their false lashes. I think the first time I tried and bought their lashes, it has immediately became my favourite brand for eyelashes.

So to hear that the Butterfly Project was having a Christmas party with them, I was ecstatic! We were told to not come to the party with makeup on and I was a bit insecure. So, I went to the party bare face as there was a mini makeup competition, using Dolly Wink’s products. We had the party in one of Kakiyuki’s outlet in Mount Kiara.

If you don’t know Kakiyuki too, you’re in for a treat. They’re most famous for their Kakigoris which are a Japanese dessert of shaved ice with toppings and sauces. They also sell other Japanese desserts such as different flavoured mochis and matcha and houjicha swiss roll.

My friend and I ordered the Periwinkle one that tastes amazing and also super pretty~~

So, we did our makeup and alas, the announcement of a new product. They made all new lashes that is suitable for new users to false lashes!

ta-DA! These are their new lashes that only take 10 seconds to put on. They have 16 new designs for each occasion. I think my favourite line is the pink ones and the purples because they’re more glamorous.

So I teamed up with my friend Keera, to start on our makeup challenge. We basically had to use the products given by Koji to make an eye look!

This is us enjoying our Kakigori, with just one side of our makeup done. Here’s a little review of the lashes. As a master, they’re very easy to put on as it’s just half the lash line, so it shouldn’t be a problem cause it’s just the other half of the eyes. The lashes are also very light and airy and the lash hair aren’t very thick or heavy. It also comes with a mini lash glue. AND, they only cost RM 29.90 (about USD 7) a pair which is considerably alright.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for myself. Because I have monolids and thick eyelids, these lashes do not do me any justice at all. They do not show up obvious on my eyes and do not make any difference on my eyes. So instead of letting these lashes go to waste, I decided to hold a giveaway for you guys soon! So stay tuned to my instagram for that. 😀

But what I did enjoy were their eyeliner, Japanese eyeliner is up there in the liquid liner world and Dolly Wink’s one won’t disappoint! In the goodie bag was also double eyelid glue (which I avoid like the plague because I hate people telling me I need double eyelids to look pretty) a full size eyelash glue, which I will review soon after I’m done using my fave one.

You can also purchase Dolly Wink lashes using the 4allbeauty app. After using the QR above to register, you can get RM10 off your first purchase!

And here’s a picture of all the beautiful people from the Butterfly Project!

Do you know/ like Dolly Wink? Let me know!


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