ID.AZ Derm Masks review

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So, a while ago I was sent these masks from the Butterfly Project to try! And as you all know by now how much of a skincare junkie I am, and I’m alway so excited to try out new sheet masks!

I received these a while back ago before I came to the UK, I’ve only managed to try one of them before I flew and things just got really hectic. So now, I finally have the time to sit down and share my review with the masks.

ID.AZ is actually a brander under ID Health Care, a professional medical institution that focuses on face shapes and contours. You can really tell they are legit. With over 18 years of experiences, they help consumers improve their skin and overall facial complexion without the use of surgery.

I had 3 of their signature masks to try out, so let’s jump into it!

ID.AZ Dermastic Water-Fit Mask

The main star ingredient of the Dermastic Water-Fit Mask is marine water collagen. It contains deep sea water, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid which has extremely moisturising effects to rehydrate and soothe stressed skin. This mask retails for RM 12.90 (USD 3).

Out of the 3, this was my favourite mask, and I am not going to lie, the mask was dripping with essence, it was so soaked that some got into my eyes lol. The fact that it’s so saturated with essence makes me love it more because I can leave in a little longer on my face (30 min, usually I only leave sheet masks on for 20 min) without worrying it’d be dried out and it’ll suck the moisture back from my face.

The sheet is also so thin and light, it does have a film over it which I will talk about more later. It has a slight floraly scent to it which also doesn’t bother me nor irritated my skin, but if scents bother you, I do not think it’s a problem because it’s honestly very mild.

After using it, my face does feel more plump and soft. Definitely more moisturised as well. It doesn’t really leave much of a tacky feeling, but since I am very used to it, I do not mind it at all whatsoever.

I would recommend this to mask to anyone with any skin type! I think any skin could benefit from this ask it’s so moisturising and filled with essence, you can definitely save the leftover essence to DIY your mask with cotton pads~

ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask

Unfortunately, I only brought one of each mask to the UK and I don’t know why my dumbass forgot to take more pictures for this mask, so I apologise for not having enough quality pictures! It is however, quite similar to the mask before. This mask also retails for RM 12.90 (USD 3).

Similarly to the sheet mask before, this one is slightly thicker in terms of the sheet mask. The essence also had a more milky white consistency and it was thicker than the water-fit as it was made with micro-fibre (oohhh, fancy!).

Despite the name Brightening, this mask does not mean it will lighten your complexion, it’s more so to make your face less dull and more glowy. I was during a whole day of travel before having this mask on, and after it, my skin definitely feels like a million dollars. My skin does also feel moisturised and

As mentioned before, both the mask comes with a net film that holds the mask in shape. I’m not really a fan of this cause it took me a while to figure out which side is what, then the mask would had to weirdly sit on my face before I feel the net off and readjust. I honestly, prefer if it was just a normal sheet without the net. Moreover, I feel that some essence gets trapped in the net and I feel like it’s such a waste, so I would rub it around my neck and body before tossing it.

The only good thing I can think about using the net film is well, it’s probably easier for people to peel the sheet mask apart.

I’d recommend this to people who has really dull and you just haven’t been keeping your skin in check for a while. It’s a more concentrated version and can help rewind your skin from a disastrous state.

ID.AZ Dermastic Golden-Fit Mask

I was most iffy about this mask because I had some bad experiences with these gold hydrogel masks. They tend to just fall off my face and don’t seem to do anything. I definitely was happy after using this one though!

Unlike the other two, this has a nice cooling effect due to the hydrogel. It’s definitely something nice to use after a hot day to cool your face down. Besides, it also helps with moisturising and nourishing your face. And apparently, it’s the most famous sheet mask from the brand!

The mask adheres to the skin pretty well, I can confidently say that it did NOT fall off my face at all while I am sitting upright and moving about. This honestly made me really happy. The mask itself is also really pretty with its gold and shimmery colour.

After using this mask, I think my skin does feel a bit more hydrated and calmed. I really enjoyed the cooling effect throughout that doesn’t seem to fade which was nice. The adherence was honestly splendid.

I would recommend this mask to any skin type, especially if your skin gets inflamed easy. This can calm it down and would honestly be amazing with a bubble bath.

Here’s a little table I stole from ID.AZ to compare the 3 masks.

Verdict: 8/10

Overall the sheet masks, although a bit pricey, provides great quality and improves your skin condition. I strongly believe and these are suitable for any skin type. I would definitely repurchase these sheet masks again! You can find them in Watson’s Malaysia and they’re having discounts at the moment!

Have you heard of ID.AZ? If you have, what products have you tried? And what sheet mask would you go for? Let me know!


FTC ā€“ The product(s) mentioned was given to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.

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