Matxi Corp’s Grand Launch in Malaysia & Matxi S.G.’s 2nd anniversary celebration

So, recently, I was invited to Matxi’s Corp 2nd Anniversary at KLCC’s Plenary Hall. Their theme this year was Glory to Glory and I got a chance to learn more about #MATXICorp and their famous tagline #YouDeserveABetteLife, which signifies their efforts to make your life better through their products and services.

Some of the photos from this blog is taken by my friend, Eros, you should check out his blog!

Matxi Corp was formerly called MatXi S.G. and is a Vietnamese company that specialises in human development, business training, and helping individuals and businesses to achieve amazing sales using the most professional and methodical training support tools and roadmap. They fall under a subsidiary for MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

I went over with some of my blogger friends!

Only after a mere two years of operation, Matxi Corp has assembles over 20,000 distributors and agents by July 2019. Aside from their human/business training, Matxi Corp also focuses on:

  • Printing & Packaging 
  • Real estate
  • Event organization 
  • Functional Food and Cosmetic Manufactory 
  • Kid’s retail system
  • Culinary restaurants system

I got to check out some their products during the event! They even provided Tongkat Ali and Collagen as door gifts. I received the Tongkat Ali, and I honestly do not know what to do with it haha.

The event was held at KLCC Plenary Hall, the set up looked really grand!

Moreover, there was over 3,000 distributors who came to the opening, dressed in lavish dresses all the way from Vietnam~

The event started with an opening speech and some information of the company.

Then, there was a really cool LED performance that wowed the crowd!

The director of Matxi Corp Vietnam, Ms. Lê Thị Hồng Nhung, also made an appearance at the Opening. She is a Vietnamese billionnaire businesswoman who is the founder & CEO of Matxi Corp which now stands as one of the largest online business systems in Vietnam.

With some help of the Internet (since she wasn’t introduced that much during the opening, as everyone there probably knew who she was), I found that she was all self-made, starting off from a poor family and selling teddy bears. She then studied business in University and opened a Korean BBQ chain in Saigon, with goods importing from Guangzhou. In just two months, her business grew tremendously.

After her speech, Mr. Kenny (Director of Matxi Corp Malaysia), Ms. Jenny (Director from USA), Mr. Luck Kim (Director from Korea) and Mr. Matthew (Director of MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd) had their consecutively.

There were a few more performances after that.

Before the event, came to a close, Matxi Corp wanted to congratulate and celebrate the successes of their top-performing distributors.

All in all, I was pretty surprised and impressed with their achievements and expansions! I’m excited to see where Matxi Corp will go from here on.

For more information on Matxi Corp Malaysia, you can find them on their social media~

Matxi Malaysia Sdn Bhd (1340975-W)
Instagram: @matxicorp

See you in the next one!


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