Health and Wellness Workshop

Currently in a world that has fewer and fewer physical illnesses and cannot be cured (with modern technology and such), mental health has become more widespread and well-known. Personally, I think it is so so common in my life that it seems rare for a person to not have experience any sort of mental illnesses.

Also, some of the pictures taken are by my friend, Eros, who has a really cool blog. Check him out!

Feelings, especially our own can be hard to process and talking about it publicly is a very brave thing to do. I was happy to be part of the Health and Wellness Workshop hosted by the Butterfly Project with the Hilton Hotel KL!

Minc Care: Self-care Session

The first station was a mini self-care sharing session. Usually, I don’t really share my personal problems very often but letting it out during this session was surprisingly nice. Our group had some time reflecting on our current feelings and sharing it as a group.

It was pretty comforting knowing you are not alone in your own situation, and every problem matters no matter the size. Minnie Chang is the founder of Minc Care. You can check out the instagram page to find out more about her sessions.

You can also join their upcoming journaling workshop with 10% off using the code below:


For more information about Minc Care, you can check out the official website here.

Naturally Handmade: Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop

For the next session, we made our own clay mask!

This session involved making our very own clay mask! I was super excited for this session as I’ve always been reading up about clay and what benefits different clays have on our skin.

Bavani, the founder of Naturally Handmade, explained the types of clays and superfoods she has provided. She gave us a Kaolin Clay base, then I decided to mix in Rhassoul Clay that helps with detoxing the pores. Other clays included Red Clay, French Green Clay, etc.

I’ve also took the Pomegranate Powder as I found it was most suitable for my skin. Other “superfoods” as Bavani called it included- Mango, Lavender, Aloe Vera, etc. So, after understanding what these ingredients do for the skin, we mixed them together in a ratio and as simple as that we have our own clay masks!

Naturally Handmade is a local Malaysian brand where Bavani handmakes all her products. They are all handmade with natural vegan products and does not include any harsh ingredients. Aside from masks, she also makes soaps, bath bombs, and even hand sanitiser! For more information, you can visit their official website!

Signature Market: Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop

My friend, Dash, was in charge of this workshop, and honestly, it is my favourite one! In all honesty, I’ve never thought that of mixing scents in essential oils until today. Usually, I enjoy more fruity and flowery scents so, of course, out of all the essential oils they carry I gravitated towards those scents.

Dash had provided us a sheet with the recipes of different blends. One in particular caught my eye as it had Lavender and Sweet Orange. It was missing Jasmine which I really really enjoyed. So, with some help from Dash, she said I could mix both Jasmine and Lavender together in equal ratio alongside Sweet Orange.

The results was amazing, I would constantly sniff it and it made me feel at ease. If I could share a scent online I would. It’s actually a bit crazy how you can smell every component of the mix.

Signature Market is a local Malaysian company that sells healthy organic snacks (they honestly have amazing trail mixes, my favourite is the one with cranberries), they sell body washes, teas, food, and essential oils too at an affordable price. For more information, you can also check them out on their official website.

Hilton Hotel: Gym and Spa

After the workshops, we were given the opportunity to enjoy the rest of our evening at the Hilton’s Gym and Spa. So, my friend Ashley and I decided to jump into the jacuzzi. We also took a dive into their swimming pool, which to our delight had a water slide. We sat on it many rounds and it really made me feel like a kid again, it was real fun.

Their locker and shower rooms were also really pretty and overall the experience was very nice. So I have great news! To get a FREE full one day trial for their spa and gym, you can use the code:


Hilton Kuala Lumpur is also running a promotion right now for their monthly membership for RM 201.40 nett/ month~

Membership benefits are:

  • A fully-equipped fitness centre with supervision by Fitness Trainers!
  • Outdoor swimming pool/jacuzzi
  • Group exercise classes (Yoga, Plyometric, HIIT, Spinning & more)
  • First 2 hour free parking
  • Opened from 6am to 11pm daily!
  • 25% discount off spa treatments & food bill at all outlets.

The hotel is in KL central and is connected to the trains so it’s real easy to get there. So, if you are interested in joining/ going for that free trial you can call +603 2264 2830 or go to the link here for more info!


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