Althea Korea A’bloom Line Review

So, Althea Korea decided to launch more new things that they own. Last time, I shared a review about their Bare Essentials line, now, they have come up with A’bloom. There are 3 main products, the meringue puffs that come in two different sizes and the BHA Blackhead Blaster, and their sheet masks.

Thanks to the Butterfly Project, Malaysia’s coolest beauty blogger platform, I was able to review these products here today!

Meringue puffs

If you’ve been into makeup, then you probably have heard about Beauty Blenders, essentially, these are what the meringue puffs are. The giant meringue puffs get even bigger in size when wet and can quickly blend in your foundation, concealer, and even powder. The baby one is pretty good for travel and helps with places that are difficult to reach like around and under the eyes, especially for beginner users.

There’s nothing too too special about it and it feels quite firm and not as soft as I expected it to be. But I really like how the baby pink looks and the price point is mainly the biggest factor. Selling at just RM 11, these meringue puffs are really affordable and you wouldn’t think twice about tossing it for a new one after a while~ (as you should… because sponges get real gross if you keep them for a long time).

You can see how I use the products, in this Instagram post below!

BHA Blackhead Blaster

I was expecting this BHA blackhead Blaster stick to not be smooth? Idk, it would make more sense if it was rough so it has more of a physical exfoliating property. But I guess they decided to stick to a more gentle exfoliating product.

It did make my nose feeling a little smoother and cleaner, but it didn’t help much with my whiteheads. The effect of the product isn’t that noticeable and I don’t seem to be reaching for it a whole lot. I feel like I’d reach for other exfoliating products but who knows it might work for you? It doesn’t have any weird scent and does not irritate my face. For the price of RM 19 (USD 5), you won’t feel the pinch.

You can see how it is used and how I used it on my skin below! Swipe left~

A’bloom Sheet Mask

Their last product is actually the different sheet masks. There are four different types:

These masks are super affordable, if you buy 10, it’s as cheap as RM 1.80 (USD 0.50) a piece, so RM 18 (about USD 5)! How crazy is that? The packaging is standard and pretty cute, it has a cute fruit theme.

To be honest, although the price is so affordable, it’s actually works well. The essences does not leak from the mask and let it drip everywhere which I really hate to be honest. And, it does the job well in moisturising the skin. I can’t really say there is a difference in the effects of the mask as it feels the same to me.

The fit is a little big for me but nothing too bad. It adheres to the face really well and it is a thin sheet. Overall, I’d say I would repurchase it again since it does the job well and is super affordable.

FTC- These products were sent to be but I am not paid to write this. My opinions are honest and nothing is influencing me to think differently.


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