Etude House 3 Minute Line Review

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy 😦

So, a while ago, I grabbed Etude House’s fairly new 3-minute line.  I was definitely most interested in 3 Minute Care Mask In the Morning (Pumpkin) because it seems like such a good way to store masks and use.


3 Minutes Care Mask in the Morning (Pumpkin)

So I imagine this product is supposedly used in the morning for three minutes before you put on makeup etc. But I just use it whenever

I really like the idea of this tissue pack sheet masks, I think it’s really innovative and also pretty eco-friendly since about 30 pieces of masks are fit into one packaging instead of having like 30 pieces of individual packets. The essence for the masks definitely is not richer or anything, but it does do a great job in providing moisturisation back into the skin.

The masks are thin and fit pretty well, it covers my whole face without having much extra edges hanging off. They are also fully soaked in the essence, so don’t worry about getting dry sheet masks. After use, I feel that my skin definitely was helped in the dryness area and my face overall feels more hydrated. This mask is, however, more on the light side, suitable for daily use.

Unfortunately I can’t find this anywhere online, but you can purchase it for RM 60 (USD 14.50) in Etude House Malaysia stores.

3 Minute Care Pack in Shower

This one was also an interesting product, because you just put it on, leave it on while you shower, then wash off after you’re done. Seems like a quick fix to dry skin which I definitely need. 

This feels like a gel that is slightly on the thicker side. When applying, you can feel it on your face, it feels quite heavy (as in thick), y’know what I mean? But it does apply easily and adheres to the face fine. The scent seems a bit perfumey to me.

After using the product, my skin does feel slightly more soft and hydrated. I think this product will help with retaining skin hydration if used in the long run, maybe once a day or once every other day. But having it used once in a while, it’s only somewhat effective.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this anywhere in an online store, but you can find it in Etude House Malaysia store retailing for RM 40 (~USD10)


Overall, I really like the sheet masks, I think they’re so affordable and does a good job it keeping my skin moisturised despite it being a light weight sheet mask~ The shower pack was an interesting product but I don’t think I’ll purchase it again.

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