Etude House Play Color Lip & Cheek Review

A two in one product~

Note: Some pictures used are taken by my friend Aizat

One of my favourite makeup items of all time is blushes. And, I’d much prefer if my blush came in a palette than having them individually, so being able to use this on both my lips and my cheek is a win-win.


*I’m wearing Warm Rose Tea (first shade from the left)

This is an 8-colour lip and cheek palette as if steeping soft and warm tea. It claims to apply smoothly onto the lips that create a semi-matte finish.

There aren’t any other claims, coming down to it, it’s quite straightforward- it’s a cream-based product that could be used on the lip and cheek.

0.6 g for the smaller colours and 1g each for the cheek shades. This product retails for RM 84 (USD 26.40)

Click here to buy it for Malaysians.
Click here to buy it for international.



Let’s just jump straight into it. The packaging is cute, simple, also looks similar to their Play Color eyes, since it is kinda the same line. It has a mirror build in it which is handy for travelling.

DARK BROWN (1).png

I really enjoy the colours. I think they’re very pretty- mostly warm tones too. The colour varies mostly just slightly from each other. I think they also suit a lot of different skin tones. The product feels velvety and smooth to touch, it glides smoothly onto the skin and the lips. The colours are also really pigmented!


It shows up obviously on the skin. As acclaimed, it has a semi-matte finish, so it doesn’t really feel drying on the lips, it has more of a satin finish. With that being said, It’s definitely not transfer-proof. Transfer easy and doesn’t last that long if you eat or drink, but if you’re not doing anything it lasts decently.

As a blush, the colours are pigmented enough but not overpowering. It melts and blends into the skin effortlessly, I love how they look on the skin, and almost all the colours could be used on the skin for sure. I love how Warm Rose Tea looks as a blush and a lipstick, that’s my favourite shade!

Here are the swatches of the colours on my lips:

Warm Rose Tea


Black Tea


Rooibos Orange


Peach Tea


Milk Tea (Lip Base)


Lady Earl Grey


Cinnamon Muffin


Afternoon Tea Set


Verdict: 9/10

Overall, I think I enjoy this product. The colours are really pretty, my favourites for the lips are Warm Rose, Black Tea, and Lady Earl Grey while I like Cinnamon Muffin the most as a blush. The product glides smoothly onto the lips and skin, honestly, you can use them on the eyelid for a more “glossy” eye look. Although it transfers easily, it’s still decent if you’re not eating. Oh, one more thing! I usually hate the applicators given in palettes, but I actually use it all the time when using this product. Would repurchase and recommend!

Let me know what you think of the colours? Do you like them? Would you get this palette?

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was given to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.


2 thoughts on “Etude House Play Color Lip & Cheek Review

  1. Aaah I was so excited to read this post since I saw your photos on Instagram! These colours seriously look way too great on you! I love them so much 💕 Étude house is one of my favourite brands too! I love these colours for autumn :’)

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