Etude House Curl Fix! Mascara Review| Brown

I’m still on the hunt for the best mascara for me, this seems like a good start.


So, I finally got a new mascara and this time I decided to try a brown colour as it’s usually different from what I’m used to! So this is my first brown mascara.

Generally, my eyelashes are straight and won’t really curl. I use to have given up on my lashes and only use falsies, but a friend of mine told me that if you use mascara often, your lashes will grow! So I’ve been using mascara more and I have noticed some changes in the length of my lashes, I guess it does work!

The one I was using was not making me happy. By the end of the day, it’ll smudge all over my bottom lash, making me look like I have panda eyes. Moreover, it was quite difficult to apply on my tinny little baby lower lashes. And so I finally went to a store and bought a new one!



So, this is one of their more popular mascaras. The Curl Fix!, it claims to be the world’s first dual jelly brush mascara where it is specially designed for Asian eyes.  It will result in a clean finish, thorough application and is irritant-free. The brush is also apparently made of the same soft jelly material that doesn’t irritate the eyes.

It has 8g of product and retails for RM 58.80 (USD 14.40).

You can purchase the product here.



Honestly, I don’t need a mascara that lasts 24 hours, at most maybe half of that. But the biggest thing I’m looking for in a mascara is making my lashes just somewhat more visible than it is and doesn’t smudge. I’ve been using this daily for a while and I seem to really like it. The bristles in the wand help cost my lashes nicely, even the lower ones with its pointy end without any clumping.

With the irritation, I definitely don’t feel irritated and there isn’t any terrible smell coming from the product so for those with sensitive eyes, you’re in luck! That special jelly thing is special I suppose~


Well, I did also pick a brown colour, thinking it would look more “natural”, who am I kidding? I don’t really like the brown if anything I’d still go for the black. With that being said, it looks pretty cute with normal makeup (no eyeliner or soft brown liner) but not my “going out” makeup. It looks quite weird and crusty and doesn’t blend with my false lashes too. So if I were to buy it again, black it is!

Also, it removes really well with an oil-based makeup, so make you’re using when to remove it or it may be difficult!


These are the before pics. My eyelashes are quite pathetic lol. I’m also using a softer brown pencil liner.


And this is after, my lashes do look longer and more obvious.

Verdict: 8/10

Overall, a solid product. It doesn’t smudge. Makes my lash longer and thicker looking. However, it’s more of an everyday mascara than anything else. It’ll look weird if you’re going for a fuller look with black liquid liner and all. I would recommend even if you have baby lashes like mine.

Do you have any favourite products from Etude House? Will you get it? Or have you tried it? Let me know!

FTC- This is not a sponsored post. I bought this product myself.


2 thoughts on “Etude House Curl Fix! Mascara Review| Brown

  1. Yep, get a black one next time! I don’t really buy products from Etude House any more because they’re no longer available here in KK so now I usually get my makeup essentials from SEPHORA. But I do remember hoarding this mascara when they had Buy 1 Free 1 sale. Loved it! Stays all day and night!


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