Benefit Happy Soft Blur Foundation Review 😍

The lightest feeling foundation ever?!


If I’m being really honest, I’ve never bought myself a foundation. Sure, I’ve been sent some base products but I’ve never actually bought any because I do not like how it feels on the skin. Usually, I’ll only ever wear base makeup on really special occasions but this one is an exception.

This product is from Benefit Cosmetics. It has 30ml of product and retails for RM141 (USD 35) which is pretty standard for Sephora price.

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According to Skincarisma, the product is paraben, alcohol, and sulfate free. It also does contain some anti-ageing ingredients. But the best thing about it is there aren’t any ingredients that are bad for any skin types!



The packaging is pretty cute, it just comes in a little bottle and a shiny top. I suspect it’s the type of material that scratches easy but I don’t really mind. The bottle has already had a scratch after sitting in my makeup bag for a while.


Initially, some product keeps appearing at its opening, maybe because it’s new. But it was never messy if you close it carefully.


The consistency of the foundation is so so light. In the swatches, I have the foundation in shade 1, 2, and 3 (from samples). 1 is my shade, I thought I would need a 2 but it was too yellow and a little dark for me. 1 blends in really nicely. This reminds me more of a tinted moisturiser that is super weightless as mine are usually thick. When I apply this on, I literally could barely feel it on my skin which is why I love it so much.


You can blend it with a sponge, brush, or just fingers. It honestly just melts into your skin and blurs it seamlessly. Another thing I really love about this product is that it has a matte finish. You don’t need to worry about setting this foundation because it sets itself. After putting it on, I didn’t find myself needing to reach for my loose powder to make my skin look snatched.

It is after all a sheer to medium coverage, so I’m already happy with it making my pores look blurry and my skin looking smoooooooth. It is also very buildable so if you want more coverage, don’t be afraid to layer it on!


The angles are a little off, but you can see my pores looking a lot smaller and blurred out, especially towards the bottom of the face.


From here, you can see clearly that it really evened out my skin. It helped with uneven colour areas and generally blurred my pores making it look as if my skin without texture. I can’t stress how much I love how it feels on my face!! Please go test it at your nearest Sephora.

In addition, the product also has SPF 15, which is nice (and also enough to protect you from UV rays). However, I don’t think the amount I’m using is enough to fully protect my skin, so do use sunscreen normally before putting this on unless your planning to use a whole spoonful of it.

Verdict: 9/10

Honestly, this was such a great product. I had a great first impression on it when I was using the sample, and just went and bought it! It’s something great for everyday use (I don’t use it everyday though but if you are an everyday base kind of girl, maybe you could invest in this). Blurs your skin, feels so lightweight, buildable and dries matte. What’s not to love?

Would definitely purchase again!

FTC- This post is not sponsored. I bought the product myself.

What do you think of this product? Would you cop it? Do you have a favourite from Benefit? Let me know!


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