Cezanne Product Line Review

Affordable natural makeup.


Recently, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a little. Well, this is mostly because I’m not in my country, and is travelling a bit. Next week, I’m going to Korea which is really exciting as I’ve never been! But not going too much into it, I’m here to share with you some of my thoughts of Cezanne’s products!

A little bit about their company- Cezanne was created to offer Japanese women high quality and affordable makeup. Their makeup are also made cruelty-free and eco-friendly as they are all refillable which is really nice. They also have a range of items from foundations to eyeshadows to lip products. They’ve been around for really long now, this year is their 50th anniversary, and they’ve been selling cosmetics since 1964. How crazy!

I was invited to their launch which was such a cute gathering! If you haven’t read about it, you can do so here.

UV Foundation EX Premium & Ultra Cover UV Foundation II


These two are powder foundations; the white one is the UV Foundation EX Premium while the pink is the Ultra Cover UV Foundation II.

The UV Foundation EX Premium (white) is said to be a more premium powder that melts into the skin upon applying. It helps with concealing pores and uneven dark skin. It also has a long-wearing formula. It has SPF 31 in the product too.

The Ultra Cover UV Foundation II has a better covering effect. It is said to be full coverage, long-lasting, and has moisturising ingredients such as Squalane, Chitosan, and Hibiscus extract. It also has some SPF in there.


The packaging of these are really cute, especially the white one which is actually a Japanese traditional glass pattern. They’re flat so it’s easy to store.


Before and after pictures of the Ultra Cover UV Foundation II (pink).


Before and After for the UV Foundation EX Premium (white).

The pink one is definitely more coverage than the white one. But they are both pretty sheer (well they are powders). They both feel pretty light of the face and definitely help with making the skin evener. I like using the two as face powders such as to make my skin less oily after using sunscreen and just mattify my face. They definitely help with covering my pores (which are so big). The longevity of the product is also pretty solid!

Mix Color Cheek


This one wasn’t doing it for me. While the colours and packaging made me had my hopes up to a cute shimmery blush, this one… Well…


It took me many swipes to even get a little bit of pigmentation out.

Cheek, Highlighting and Shading Sticks


These are all cream products that comes in a stick form. It is long-lasting, shiny, has a smooth application. It also contains Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide which are great moisturising ingredients.


I think out of all the products, the blush is one is my absolute favourite! It’s such an easy product to use and especially great for travelling because you don’t need a brush to use it. I also love that it’s in a stick form, so you can quickly just swipe it on your cheeks instead of needing to dip your fingers into the product and onto your cheeks (which is usually the downfall of cream blushes for me).


These are the swatches for the blush and the contour, they’re really pigmented. The contour colour I feel like is not really dark enough, maybe it’s my skin but I’m on the fairer side already. So it doesn’t help with contouring my cheekbones nor nose but it is a pretty colour for bronzing, kind of reminds me of Hoola lite from Benefit.


I apologise about the lighting of the pictures, they’re not bright enough.. ^^” But that’s how I use the products, I just dollop some on my face and blend it out!


It looks great and natural. I absolutely love them!


This is the highlighter swatch. It doesn’t look very popping, this is after a few swatches just to show you guys a good look of it full on. This highlighter is definitely more of the natural side. But I personally think western makeup brands doing better with highlighters. So I just think this is alright.


But it’s still pretty!

Lasting Lip Color N


This is one of their staple products, it’s been a long-selling product for over 20 years. I can definitely see why, it is described to be long-lasting (all day apparently), high pigmentation, and moisturising.


The packaging of the product is honestly really adorable. I really like the French inspired case that looks really timeless and elegant. Its also really easy to carry around.


Here you can see the swatches of the lipsticks on my hand! Although its longevity is questionable, it usually lasts till I have a meal or drink something (which is fine, I don’t mind retouching), it’s colour is definitely really pretty and intense! Plus, it’s hydrating formula is what I really love.

If you want to see a swatch you can watch my YT video doing my makeup using all of these products~

Overall, Cezanne is a pretty solid brand! And I would recommend you check them out, maybe you’ll find something you really like. For me personally, I love their blushes the most.

That’s all for this post~ Have you heard of Cezanne? Let me know~

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.


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