72 Hours in Seoul 🇰🇷

Honestly, it wasn’t enough.


We took a morning flight from Beijing, if you did not hear, I went to Beijing to visit my aunt and have a bit of fun. When we got to Incheon airport it was about noon. We had a little trouble getting to our Airbnb because Google Maps was messing up a bit. So when we finally got there, we dumped our suitcases and left!


We took the metro and went off to explore Seoul!


We walked around and wandered through the streets, it was a pretty nice feeling, getting lost for a while.


We dropped by a fried chicken restaurant, which was such a great decision because the chicken was so gooooooood. 😋🍗 So if you ever go to Korea, please go try this with some Soju.


Our last stop was at this mall. I was so surprised to discover that they and a lot of malls around the area were opened till 5 AM. There were mostly selling clothes which were on the pricier side, we didn’t buy anything but I found this cute yellow leather backpack and bought it~


Even stopped by this little Line store, it was very cute but I didn’t get anything either.


On the second day, we went to Hongdae which was a famous university area. It was really big and definitely not disappointing.


There were many shops and I think we shopped the most


We dropped by this cafe bingsu called Sulbing, and it’s so delicious. This one is a brownie one, which is like top best 3. It was really yummy and I would also recommend it that you go check it out if you ever go!


We spent mostly shopping on the second day so I didn’t manage to take pictures of much.

We did however found a BTS x Line shop, which my cousin, Amelie got really excited about.


We -I mean, Amelie- managed to buy some stuff and we went along exploring the place some more.

I managed to snag a yellow checkered button up which was cute, you can check it out on my Instagram.


The last day we went is to the popular MyeongDong. To be honest, I wasn’t as wowed as I thought I will be. There were a lot of shops repeated over and over and the prices are pretty okay. There was a lot of buy 1 free 1 deals and such. Around the afternoon, a lot of food stores came about.


We had some Korea BBQ for lunch but it really wasn’t that good, and on top of that it was pretty expensive. So if you see someone waving at your about Korean BBQ on the building across from SPAO in the heart of MyeongDong, just walk away!

But one thing I was really excited about was Stylenanda’s pink hotel.


It really looked amazing!


Everything looked classy, pink or with marbles, I personally really liked the laundromat floor.


The only thing I was really disappointed about was the pool cafe! I though it would be like the one I saw online which was actually in Hongdae, ;; I should I research better..


Fast forward a little bit, we had dinner at this place. I forgot the name but it was the most recommended place to eat when you google. Boy they weren’t wrong! The food was great and pretty local, but they only sell 3 things i think on the menu.


Our last stop before heading back to our airbnb was Sulbing again, Amelie really wanted to try the melon bingsu. It was pretty nice but I think I liked the chocolate brownie one better~

And that sums up my Korea trip, I’ll be posting a vlog soon! Have you been to Korea? Do you want to go? Let me know!




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