Lost and Found LaF Med Secret Cream + Ampoule Line Review 🏥

The tubes are so efficient.


Before I start, I want to say that products in tubes (especially moisturisers) is so efficient and easy, they honestly get me so lazy to use tube ones because I need to use a spatula and scoop the product out and turn the lid (lmao I sound so lazy cause I am).

This post has been long overdue, I’m sorry! But, anyway, this line was quite interesting and I’ve never heard of this brand before. You can find it at Guardian Malaysia online and offline, which is pretty neat. Their prices are pretty affordable and their products are overall not bad. So continue reading if you want to know what I thought of them!

So a little bit about them, their name is actually the abbreviate from lost (problem) and found (solution. They release the safest products to help different skin concerns after conducting numerous research.

Med Secret Cream #The First + Whitening Ampoule


Their packaging isn’t really based on colour but because it’s more appealing to group them like this, I’m reviewing them this way. The First (cream, left) is actually a primer and moisturiser! It helps prime the skin that holds makeup really well as well as moisturise the skin. The ampoule (right) is an intensive skincare that helps with whitening the skin.

The cream has 50g and costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8), the ampoule has 30ml and also costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8).


The texture of the cream is pretty nice. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and glides smoothly onto the skin. I think it’s suitable for all skin types. After using the cream, my skin feels moisturised, I actually did not know it was a primer and I barely wear base makeup but from what I can tell, it holds my powder pretty nicely. It also helps with concealing the pores a little and now that I think of it, does have a primer product feeling to it if you know what I mean.

The ampoule, on the other hand, I feel does not help that much with skin whitening; however, it does feel moisturising. When my skin is lacking that hydration, I enjoy whipping out this product to use! After using it my skin will soak up all of its goodness and it will feel moisturised. All in all, I enjoy using this when my skin is feeling extra dehydrated.

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Med Secret Cream #Ceramide + Anti-wrinkle


The Ceramide is a calming moisturising cream that keeps dry and sensitive skin healthy. The ampoule helps with wrinkles as it has ingredients such as Adenosine and pearl extract that helps make the skin resilient and pure. While yellow lactose capsules and jojoba esters helps with moisturising and making the skin soft.

The  MED. Secret Cream #Ceramide is targeted for people who has dry skin like me. From the name itself, you could already tell that it has intense moisturising properties. Ceraminde is

The cream has 50g and costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8), the ampoule has 30ml and also costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8).


The cream is thicker than the #The First (pink) cream and feels richer. I think out of the 3, this one felt most suitable for me because I have dry skin. Again, it has a smooth texture, it doesn’t feel tacky when you apply it on and the skin absorbs it quite quickly.  But it definitely feels richer, so I would recommend this for my dry skin people. This may be a little too much for those who have oilier skin.

Because the ampoule helps with wrinkles, I can’t really give a good comment/ review about it since I don’t have any wrinkles (…yet); however, it is quite moisturising when used on the skin! It also feels light on the skin and watery to touch. Generally, it’s quite alright to use as an extra moisturising boost too. But I do think they don’t really help much with wrinkles.

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Med Secret Cream #AQUAPORIN + Water Bomb Ampoule


Not going to lie, at first I thought it read Aquaporn which is quite hilarious. Aquaporin actually just means water, so I suppose this is kinda like water for your face, hah. This product is targeted for oily skin, and I could see why. It’s definitely a milder moisturiser and not as rich as the Ceramide one.

The cream has 50g and costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8), the ampoule has 30ml and also costs RM 49.90 (USD 12.8).


The cream of this is the most liquidy out of the 3 products. You can see from the picture it looks really watery and I had the hardest time taking the pic because it would just glide around the skin.  This one although helps a little with moisturising my face, it isn’t as good as the Ceramide. It also sort of having cooling effect since it feels more watery. So, I would recommend it to those with oilier skin.

The ampoule, on the other hand, I found most moisturising out of the rest, since it is targeted for actually moisturising. Similarly to the cream, it is the most watery ampoule of the rest and feels really light on the skin. It does its job pretty well, better than the other two; however, not by a lot, just a little better I feel. For it’s price, it’s a pretty solid ampoule.

That’s all for this review! Which one would you get? Have you tried LaF?

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.


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