COSrx One Step Moisture Up Pad Review

This product made me lazy


The COSrx Moisture pad is honestly so raved about. So much, that I needed to try it out myself. Now honestly speaking, I have high hopes for this in the beginning since it was so popular, but when I first used it, the scene reminded me of cheap lemon dishwash.

Not going to lie, it was a little off-putting. Not to mention, I used it a little too rough on the face which did not give me a good impression either. But, that all change the longer I used it.



Hydrate and smooth skin with this genius and convenient invention from Cosrx! The first ingredient in these pads is propolis extract, a naturally-occurring antiseptic that is effective in treating blemishes, acne, and redness. Also included in the formula is hyaluronic acid, the Korean skin care favorite that provides long-lasting moisture benefits. The softly embossed texture of these pads makes them gentle enough for daily use yet effective in keeping skin soft and smooth. Use these pads to prep your skin for makeup or take them on-the-go for quick and easy exfoliation!

There are 70 pads in total and 135ml of product in the whole tub. I bought mine off Hermo, which is a little more expensive now, RM 94 (USD 24). But at the time I purchased it, it was RM 80 (USD 20). But you should try WishTrend and it only costs about RM 80 (USD 20), they ship worldwide!


I ran the ingredients list through Skincarisma, which you could check out. The list is good and it has great moisturizing properties as well as acne-fighting ingredients too (such as Betaine Salicylate which is also an exfoliate). This product is also alcohol, paraben, and sulfate free!

Overall, it has great ingredients.



It comes with a large plastic tube which is fine. I like their logo on the lid it, it’s really cute. It might be a little bulky to carry around if you’re traveling but, it is honestly really convenient so it’s worth it.


I find the pads a little too large for my taste, plus two sides could be used. To maximise it’s worth, I’d recommend you cut it after sterilising a pair of scissors. I feel like generally half the pad is already more thane enough for one face.

I like that it helps remove any excess or icky things that my face has collected. I usually only do my skincare before I sleep (but put on some toner and a light moisturiser after I shower). Because the weathere here is so hot, I still sweat a bit sometimes around my forehead, etc and that’s quite nasty. So I like using the pads to clean up my face and do my skincare routine.

It’s also great for on-the-go since it’s already presoaked, you can use it so quickly. It made me so lazy to get a cotton pad and pour some toner over it to swab around my face. Honestly, cosrx did a great job making this product so easy and convenient.

After using it, my face feels more moisurised, but of course, you can just use it on itself. The pad is also so soaked with the toner, I feel sad when I toss a big pad away, feels like I wasted a lot of product. So again, I’d recommend cutting it. Remember to use it gently on your face and not too hard.

Verdict: 9/10

Overall a great product, the only problem I have with it is that the pads are too big. It’s easy, convenient, has a great ingredients list, and moisturises the face. I’d recommend it to any skin type, it’s pretty worth the hype!

Do you have this in your skincare? Do you like it? Let me know~

FTC- This review is not sponsored.



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