Ho Chi Minh

I went to Ho Chi Minh Again, this time with my other family!


It was a really short trip, I skipped class (haha), got my bags packed and we flew off. It was a 6 am flight so I just fell asleep most of the flight there. I took this just before I fell asleep!

We reached Ho Chi Minh but we couldn’t check in the hotel till 2 am. So we threw our luggage in the lobby and went out. The streets were much busier than it was when I was here two years ago. It’s not exactly happy news haha.

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I took this picture because I thought it looked really cool with the rickshaw and all.

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Our first stop was, surprise-surprise, food. I haven’t gotten to eat ever since we board the plane. So we went to this restaurant that I fell in love with when my mum and I went two years ago. They make such amazing beef stew (first pic) omg. It’s so affordable too, it was 69K Dong about RM 12 (USD 3). It’s sooooo good tho. My cousin, Amelie, had some BBQ pork with bread (second pic) that was really good too! The place is called MYlife Coffee, you should really check it out if you ever find yourself in Ho Chi Minh.

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We even stopped to take some pictures. And we did a little shopping, including that top and hat I have on in this picture!


This is my family, my aunt and my uncle (her husband), my mum, and my other aunt.


There aren’t really skyscrapers but definitely more than when I came the last.


The streets were so much more busier but some places had it’s beauty.


Another stop, we ate so much on this one day. We then had the famous Banh Mi place which is so so good. Please try it too. The baguette was so crispy and mmmm, thinking about it now is making me hungry again.


We also stopped my Phuc Long (hahah I know) but it’s actually pronounced “puck”. It’s a really famous Vietnamese and Tea place. It’s not bad and worth a go.

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I took this as the sun was setting after leaving Phuc Long.


A need for a picture during golden hour!

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Took this while looking for our dinner place. It looked really extravagant and seems like an old building too! Pretty architect.

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We stopped by here for dinner. It’s a really touristy area. The food was pretty good so I’d also recommend.

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This was a day after, we went on a boat ride to visit some islands. We went on a tour, we were expecting more people to join us but it was only just my family so it kind of became a private tour after all.

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I don’t want to get too much into it but I did make a vlog. So I’ll link that here once I’m done with it so look forward to that!

But man, I’ve gained weight and got fat again. I need to start working out. Going to squash practice tomorrow though, so yay.

Have you been to Vietnam? Or Ho Chi Minh? What did you like about it? Anything exciting happening? Let me know!


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