My Lasik Surgery Experience with Optimax πŸ‘“

I feel so so blessed to be able to go through this surgery! It’s life-changing!

Disclaimer: None of the pictures belongs to me. All rights go to its owner.

So about a little more than a week ago, I had my LASIK surgery done. If you don’t know what that is- it’s basically a surgery where they correct your eyes so you do not need aid (such as glasses and contacts) in seeing.

The experience was really scary, I wasn’t going to lie but I was also excited because no more glasses- ever!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take any pictures so there won’t be much in this post. I’m just here to share what I went through and how I felt.


I went through multiple machines having my eyes checked to see if my eyes are okay to go under surgery. This was a day prior to my surgery. Basically, there were a lot of machines, scanning the ‘power’ of your eyes, astigmatism, and checking your iris shape and what not.

One particular machine, I remember is the pressure one where this machine kind of blows a little pressure of air on your eyeball. And you have to keep your eyes wide open. That was terrifying, it wasn’t so bad the second time around but still terrifying!

t600x600 (1).jpg

After the check-ups, I had a little consultation session with the optician to went through the check-ups with me. She assured me that everything is alright and I am good to go. Optimax has a 100% success rate so I know I am in good hands. Plus, my mother did the surgery by the same company 20 years ago, she’s still happy with her results.

We paid about RM 8,500 (USD 2000) for my surgery. It was already discounted, the original price was more than RM 10,000. I got my surgery done at Optimax TTDI.

Address:Β Bangunan Ahp, 2, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone:Β 03-7722 3177

Surgery Day

So, the next day, I went for the surgery. I wanted to go for it after my check-ups but the doctor wasn’t free. I was nervous but excited, I couldn’t tell which one I was feeling more at that point!

I went into a room and a lady guided me into another changing room to get changed into scrubs. So I quickly changed and sat down at one of the big sofa-like chairs they had. Then, the lady gave me a bag of items for my post-surgery. There was an antibiotic drop, that I had to use every 4 hours after surgery for a week, and there are these other ones from refresh which I had to use every 2 hours. Apparently, they recommend using for 1-3 months depending on your eyes.

And some plastic eye patches that I have to wear for a week so I don’t scratch my eyes when I sleep by accident alongside some tape.

I remember it was about 10 o’clock when the doctor met up with me and told me specifically what was going to happen. He ensured me that everything will be fast and safe and told me everything that will be happening in the room so I don’t feel shocked or whatever when I hear something. So right after the talk, he had a check on my eyes one last time and I was ready…

I took off my glasses, it’ll be the last time I would ever need them and went into the room.

I lied down and someone puts a really comfy thick blanket over me. My heart was pounding a little faster than normal and my palms were a little sweaty. First up, the doctor puts this plastic around my right and covered the other with a patch. The plastic was to keep my eyelashes away. Then they used this metal thing that helped open my eyes and make sure I don’t blink. I didn’t really feel any discomfort having the metal thing around my eye despite my eyes being pretty small so it was okay.

Then it began. All I had to do was stare at this blinking green light right above me. A machine was placed above my eye and you could feel a pressure on it. It did not hurt at all but it felt like someone was pressing their palm against your eye. I still had to stare at the green light. Then there’s this buzzing sound of the laser going off, my vision gets really blurry all I could see was the lights, they looked like bright stars, I continue looking at the green one until I can’t even see it anymore and I thought to myself “oh no what do I do now?” but I kept my eyes as still as possible even though the green light disappeared trying to look at where it was before.

Then it was done, my cornea has been sliced. The doctor removed the machine and my vision was a little misty. He flipped my cornea upwards, and my version became really blur. A second machine came in, and I had to stare at the green light again. Same thing happens. Then, it was done.

Then, the same procedure was done again to my other eye.

Once it was complete, I got off the bed. Everything was a little misty and extremely bright but I could see.

My surgery was done and I changed back into my normal clothes. The doctor checked my eyes once again and it seemed a little surreal that I could see!

I walked out of the room and saw my mum in the main waiting hall. She looked at me and nodded her heads towards me, and I told her my surgery was done. Shocked, she said, “what? Already? Woah, that was really quick.”

And that was it! Oh, I forgot they also gave me some painkillers if my eyes started hurting. I went back and went to sleep. Everything was way too bright for me to keep my eyes open for long. I had sunglasses on already and I still felt like everything was too bright. After my nap, I woke up to take my eye drops, my eyes felt really painful (as technically my cornea has been sliced and it is a wound), I had to take the painkillers once but after that evening, everything was well and fine. I was able to see and I am so so happy!

Post Surgery

It’s been more than a month now since I had my surgery and I am so so happy with it. I think the last time I checked after a week of my surgery, I had 50 power on my left eye but it’s still fluctuating a bit as my eyes are still healing. I’m still using the drops. But now, I feel that my left eyes vision is more steady that like a week or two ago.

Edit- I received a comment wanting more details about my recovery so here it is! My eyes hurt most after my first nap which was about 3 hours after the surgery. I felt that I could barely open my eyes, it was really painful. So I quickly had my eye drops and took painkillers and went back to sleep. As for downtime, I felt that the pain and such lasted up till the evening of the day I did my surgery so perhaps 10 hours after surgery. I did not feel any pain whatsoever after that! And I was able to see just fine.

For things I did and did not do, well, I was not allowed to rub or wet my eyes for a least a week. That was fine as I just wore fake glasses (with lenses but no correction on them) and tilted my head up while washing my hair. It’s quite simple to avoid having my face especially my eyes wet that way, the glasses help shield water splashing (I also do close my eyes), and it also reminded me to not wash my face in the showers. I did however wiped my face and cleansed it with my facial sponge, just being really careful around the eyes. I cleaned the areas around my eyes with a wet tissue (literally wetting a normal tissue) and gently rubbing it around.

I also constantly wore sunglasses and things were still bright! Even at night if you live in the city. I found that bright lights at night were worst than daytime. So, I carried my sunglasses everywhere! It also acted as a precaution for me to not rub my eyes! I also set timers to remind myself to put the drops for the first week at least. I also remember to always put my eye shield on when I sleep for that first week, it’s really important you do. Now, I sleep with an eye mask, because I have a really bad habit of rubbing my eyes a lot and I do it pretty hard too… Apparently, rubbing your eyes can cause astigmatism, so, to prevent that, I now sleep with a cute sleeping eye mask! I’d recommend you wearing one if you have the same problem as I do.

Do you wear glasses? Would you consider getting your eyes corrected? I hope this was helpful if you’re considering getting LASIK done!

See you in the next one!


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  1. Hi Sylvia! Thanks for this post, it’s super informative. Could you go into a bit more detail about how you copied post-surgery? Like, how much down time did you need, when was the pain the worst, what did you do/not do during recovery?

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