Althea Korea’s Red Sparkling Box Review 🎁

A box full of red goodies!


So Althea Korea (under the Butterfly Project) gave me a chance to review one of their last boxes of 2017 and boy, I was excited! They come up with these themed boxes that are really worth the price. So, if you don’t know Althea Korea, here’s a little bit more about them and you’re in it for a treat because they ship worldwide now! They even have a site for the US!

Althea Korea is a website that sells Korean makeup and skincare. They sell the Kbeauty items at a much cheaper price and there are plenty of additional deals all the time! You can go check out their website, Facebook, Blog, Youtube and Instagram! Don’t forget to give them a follow to stay updated, they also have an app.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 00.20.53.png


The price of all the items combined in this box is RM 373 (USD 93), but with the bundle, you could get it for a whopping RM 116 (USD 28.85)! That’s 68% off, get it here before it’s gone.

Let’s move on to what’s in this box, shall we?

Masil Dual Tint Color + Treatment in Pink Red


I was most excited about this product! It’s a dye but in treatment form which sounds amazing. My mum’s a hairstylist so I get my hair done whenever and easily. Recently, I wanted to go platinum ombre (despite my mum telling me my hair will die lol), so I’ve had it bleached about 4-5 times already. It’s still not light enough because before that I’ve dyed it like black (it was actually really dark brown) so it was difficult to get the colour off. So I left it and just a few days later I started disliking it because I thought I looked better with dark hair-

Then,  I remembered I had this! So, I tried it out immediately and I love the outcome!


Before (Sorry the quality of this is kinda bad, I took it at night with bad lighting)



It’s been about 4 days since I did the colour treatment, and my hair colour has faded into a nice ashy reddish-pink! This comes in so so many colours, and I’m tempted to try them all! Will definitely purchase this more in future!

If you want to buy this product by itself, you can purchase it here.



So this is a moisturiser with a rose scent, and I absolutely adore rose scented anything.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 22.22.29.png

This mask claims to be a nourishing, non-sticky moisturiser that plumps the skin. Its main ingredient is made from Damask Roses stemcells which is pretty impressive!


In the box, you will also find a spatula with the product which I think is great for hygiene purposes. I really appreciate when moisturisers or creams including a free spatula with their product!


The consistency of this is semi-thick. It glides on the skin really smoothly and absorbs pretty quick. It does feel a little tacky at first, but the feeling would eventually go away. There is also quite a strong rose scent that I really like.

I found this moisturiser suitable for me (read more about my skin to help you make a better judgement). It definitely moisturises and plumps my skin well. This product also actually kind of reminds me of Laneige’s sleeping mask!

If you want to buy this product by itself, you can purchase it here.

The Face Shop Mono Cube Eye Shadow #RD01 RED PEONY


Warm bright tone eye-shadows has been a favourite of mine. So having another red shade to my collection makes me happy!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 22.42.55.png

If you buy more Mono Cube eyeshadows, you can even create your own palette.


The colour of this shadow is so beautiful. The gold glitter took me by surprise cause I couldn’t see it in the shadow pot itself. The eyeshadow feels really buttery and the pigmentation is great! The formula itself is a jelly-powder hybrid which is interesting. This is such a great shade for a sexy bright look, I think this is going to be a shade I will be reaching for a lot. Plus, the colour stays on really well, don’t forget to prime to get a full on popping effect!

Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream in No. 23


I’ll have to admit, I don’t own a lot of face products and to be honest, this is the first ever BB cream I own. I use to have really sensitive skin so I would stray away from foundations and base makeup (and I only started being into makeup 2-3 years ago).


The consistency is watery and it applies to the skin really easily. I thought 23 would be a good shade because I have Innisfree’s cushion foundation in the shade 21 and I felt it was too light for me. When spreading it on my face, I was a little worried because the colour looks really grey and does not seem to match my skin tone…


But after blending it out, it worked fine. It made my skin tone more even and it really feels moisturising like there’s nothing on my face! A little goes a long way with this product too, just one little pump is more than enough for my whole face. It leaves a nice dewy finish and has triple care- whitening, wrinkle, and UV protection. All in all, I actually really like it and the best bit is that it didn’t irritate my face!

If you want to buy this product by itself, you can purchase it here.

Tony Moly New Delight Tony Tint #02 Red


I’ve seen this tint around for such a long time but I’ve never actually got to try it.


The scent of this, I love so much! It’s like this fruity scent that kind of reminds me of grape. The colour is already really pretty and pigmented, the wand it comes with easy to use. I personally like using it full on the lips, but I wanted to show you how it would look with gradient lips.

The lasting power of this tint is pretty good, it stays on and doesn’t budge but I’m sad to say it will disappear after eating. So, if you’re not doing anything with your mouth (haha), it’s safe to say that it will stay there! The thing is- this tint dries so quickly! If you want to blend it out you better do it fast cause once it dries, it stays and really doesn’t budge. It stains your fingers too when you blend it out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If you want to buy this product by itself, you can purchase it here.

Hello Skin Jumiso Chewy Lasticity Mask Sheet


The packaging of this mask sheet is way too cute!


The fit is good. It covers my whole face well. The holes are a little loose so I have to circle around them to make them sit better on my face. It comes with a mesh to allow you to put on the mask easier (y’know when masks keep sticking together and it’s sometimes annoying to spread it out), but I felt that bit was a little too extra for me. It’s a little wasteful. There is also a ton of essence in the sheet mask, after having it on my face, I rubbed the excess around my body.

After using the mask, my skin feels more plump and hydrated. It’s also relaxing as it has a cooling effect like any other sheet masks. It did feel quite tacky after using it but that’s usually the case for most sheet masks too (if it bothers you, you could just wash it away after letting it sit for another 10 minutes). I, overall, liked the mask!

If you want to buy this product by itself, you can purchase it here.

Pom-pom Rabbit Keyring


One cute little thing included in the box is this fluffy rabbit keychain! I absolutely love it, I already have an orange one~ Guess my little collection is growing.

Samples and Giveaway


Last but not least, there’s a little sample of the Red Serum from Skin & Lab, and a little card with a giveaway code (for the Christmas times).

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 00.40.53.png

If you’re lucky, you can get 50% off storewide! Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough hahaha, I only got free shipping.

Whewww, that is it for this review! Have you heard of Althea Korea? Would you get this box? What’s your favourite item in the box? Let me know below!

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.

See you in the next one~


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