My 2018 New Year’s Goals 🎊

New year, new me, right?

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How’s your new year been going? It’s so surreal time is just passing by so fast, I remembered getting into university just not long ago and I’m about halfway done with it already… Then I’m moving on to being a full-on adult which is honestly intimidating…

Like everyone else, I’m generalising; I’m going to be sharing my new year’s resolutions goals. I don’t have much and I believe they’re mostly realistic. I don’t know if I’ll manage to reach it by the end of 2018 but… I know I would have tried.

  1. (Cliche cliche I know!) Exercise more

Here’s a little something about me… I’m physically very lazy and I’m honestly overly concerned with my weight. I am not overweight, I’m pretty much at a healthy weight but I want to be skinny. I want to be a US 2-4 but I’m more of a US 6-8 and my body I know for sure is not petite… I’m naturally curvy and I just don’t like it. Maybe I should aim slim thick but that goal seems a little unrealistic. I want to lose the flab tho…

Another reason to this is because of my period. Ever since I got my period, it has always been irregular. Mine’s quite severe when I say irregular… I only get my period maybe 5 times a year if I’m lucky, most times less than 5. But last year, I started playing squash again so I’ve been exercising regularly and my period came every month consecutively! All I needed was the exercise to maintain my period. Then Christmas rolled around and I stopped squash, I didn’t get my period for December (surprise). It’s not healthy…

2. Love myself more than I did in 2017

I struggle with self-confidence, I’m sure everyone does. But I feel I haven’t improved enough… I keep going back to self-loathing and negativity. Keeping personal milestones for yourself could help! But I want to be more reassured with myself. I’ve never walked down a street or walking anywhere thinking to myself, “man, I feel good. I look good. I am working this!”. I want to be kinder to myself, I hope you are kind to yourself too.

3. Be better at academic writing

I am a university student and I am not good at academic writing… I’m not bad bad, but I definitely want to be better. Local Malaysian schools don’t teach students how to write academically… So I only started learning this two years ago when I enroled in uni. I don’t like it, but I really do need to improve.

4. Plan better for my blog

I didn’t have any goals for my blog last year. I just knew I had to write and writing creatively really isn’t a problem for me because I’ve been doing it since I was 13 so typing my thoughts is… well easy. I usually could finish a review in less than 30 minutes only if I get the pictures taken. It’s usually the pictures that take more time- editing and photographing- seeing if I like the end product or not and doing it all by myself. I sometimes wish I had someone else to take pictures for me so I could include myself in more of them. I’ll need to start asking more friends’ help this year haha.

But anyway, I want to have a better plan so I can keep up with a structured schedule and have more time to create better content.

So, those are the goals I have for now. What about your goals for the year? I’d love to know!


3 thoughts on “My 2018 New Year’s Goals 🎊

  1. These sound like really good goals! Self love is super important so I hope you do whatever makes you happy and feel great for the lovely person that you are in 2018 ❤ x

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