Canmake Haul! 📦 First impressions with swatches

Last week, I received a bunch of things from Canmake!


So, today I decided I share my impressions about them and show you how they look on me! I’ll just jump straight right into it~

Also, before I forget, I’m also going to be showcasing two looks using these products! Not sponsored but I thought it would be fun! So look forward to that in the next post!

If you don’t know much about Canmake, it’s a Japanese brand that is available in Guardian stores in Malaysia as well as Hermo, which is an online site I really like!

Juicy Glow Skin Base


This is a new makeup base Canmake has. It comes in two different shades- beige 01, pink 02.

Lustrous finish makes skin look hydrated and well cared-for

  • Formulated with more than 80% beautifying ingredients, providing a generous infusion of moisture that creates a natural glow. (Beige: 80.9%; Pink: 81.0%
  • Contains three types of delicate pearl particles to create a wet-look sheen, rather than a glittery sparkle
  • Contains Oil-controlling Powder to adjust sebum levels, while maintaining a superb finish.
  • The fluid forms a thin layer that clings to your skin, providing natural coverage for skin concerns, while retaining the unadorned look of bare skin.


This is how the pink 02 one swatches on the face. It has a slight pink hue, but blends easily and glides on the skin smooth.


This is how it looks after being blended into the skin. The pink one definitely did brighten my skin and added a glow!


This is the beige 01 version, it matches my skin pretty well. It has a similar consistency like the pink one.


This one blends nicely as well. This one isn’t as glowy as the pink one tho, so I like the pink one better~

Because of the colour choices, the pink would be more suitable with different skin tones, it’s definitely more universal, and I’m pretty sure it would also work well with darker skin tones (correct me if I’m wrong though..). Unfortunately, these two are the only shades available for now. But mixing a BB cream in, it works fine and feels really moisturising too 👌🏼! I actually like it.

Secret Beauty Powder


The packaging of this is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of Sailor Moon! It’s just so so cute and compact too so you’ll definitely see me carrying this around!


A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night

  • You can even wear it while you’re sleeping! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night powder overnight.
  • Contains 5 moisturizing agents, keeping skin dewy & less prone to dryness.
  • Sebum-adsorbing agents cling to sebum & keep the skin’s surface silky-smooth.
  • Contains soft-focus effect powder to softly blur flaws in your skin, creating the effect of a smooth, beautiful, make-up-free face.
  • Natural finish that doesn’t feel like make-up.
  • 5-free formulation: Free from fragrance, mineral oil, ethanol, tar-based pigments, and UV absorbers

I was really interested in this because it claims that you can even wear it to sleep! That could be helpful if you’re going somewhere overnight and you want to look flawless even when you’re sleeping haha.

To be honest, the product is quite small especially if you were to use your own fluffy brush. I don’t think this is a suitable product to set your foundation/BB cream because takes a really long time and doesn’t really set it well. I feel like this is a great blotting powder to keep that oily shine away from your face throughout the day! It’s so cute and small, I’m definitely bringing this everywhere~

Powder Cheeks


These are obviously blushes, pretty self-explanatory. I have 2 shades, this one is PW38 Plum Pink, which is a “Dark pink that make your cheek look flushed naturally”.

Smooth and moist oil in cheeks

  • Contains fresh moisturize powder, which makes your skin moisturize with smooth and silky texture.
  • Contains a long-lasting effect powder, you can be sure your cheeks will keep looking soft and cute, absorbing extra sebum.
  • Contains 8 types of beautifying and moisturizing agents: Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ectoin, squalane, grapeseed oil, honey, royal jelly extract, and apple fruit extract

This colour is beautiful, it’s this darkish mauvey looking pink. I don’t know if it’s actually a plum. It is such a nice colour though, I feel like it could suit any skin tone!


This is PW39 Violet Purple, “A violet that enhances the translucence of your skin”.

This one is in the shade is a lot lighter and a cool tone purple-pink. I’m not too sure about the colour when swatching it but it does give off a very natural flush to the cheeks! So, I could say I do like it.


Swatches: top: PW38 Plum Pink; bottom: PW39 Violet Purple

These are the swatches of the blushes. I love Canmake blushes for sure, I’ve been a fan ever since I’ve first tried them. They come with handy brushes that I do actually use and they’re so convenient! The pigmentation is great, they look really natural, and I highly recommend you check out Canmake’s blushes for sure!

Perfect Stylist Eyes


I also have two of these. This one is (pictured above) is Twilight Beach- “two accent colours that can play a starring role. For eyes with a trendy, yet sophisticated look.”

This moist powder feels great on your skin, achieving a highly-pigmented true-colour finish.
A moist powder formulation, containing squalane(moisturizing ingredient or agent). 
Goes on smoothly and clings tightly to your lids, without shedding particles!
Just one application achieves a high-colour finish that lasts and lasts without becoming dull!

Completely versatile, whether you want a lame finish or a less glittery look!
Add translucent, luminescent lame as a topping, like a piece of jewellery! 
Using it as an accent point looks even more stylish.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about the blue shadow because it’s not really a colour I touch when it comes to eyeshadows but the colour is pretty lovely. The rest of the colours are great.


Swatches: Middle then Clockwise

Here are the swatches of that palette. These swatches beautifully. This is my first time trying out Canmake’s eyeshadows and I’m shook! They’re so pigmented and pretty creamy feeling. There weren’t any fallouts and they weren’t blotchy either which is great. One downside to all my matte loving friends is that this palette is actually all shimmer. I don’t really think it’s a problem because only the middle shade is glittery and shimmery. The rest has really little glitter, it’s more subtle, kinda able to pass as a matte.


I like the other palette much more! These are the kind of colours I’m always reaching for! This is Antique Ruby- “Classic shades offering sophistication and sexiness. Makes even the most fleeting glances unforgettable”.


Swatches: Middle then Clockwise (A little apology that this doesn’t look as nice)

The colours are so so pretty in this palette! Such a great palette for a sultry look.

Flaring Curl Mascara: Volume Plus~


This is a typical mascara, it works fine. I don’t really have much to say because my lashes are barely noticeable so it’s honestly hard to tell but the application is easy and I like the shape of the wand, it helps coat the lashes much better. But, It does make my lashes look a little longer which is great. This also does smudge a little though!

Stay-On Balm Rouge


Based on the concept “What would happen if we added color to a lip balm…♥?”

Wave goodbye to troublesome lip make-up! The moisturizing ability of a lip balm, the color of a lipstick, the sheen of a gloss, plus UV protection.

This single item will satisfy even the most demanding of women. 

  • Super-rich oils enfold your lips like a silken robe!
  • Creates a thin film that clings flexibly to your lips, for a comfortable, non-sticky feeling that lasts and lasts.

These lip balms are one of my favourites! I got like 5 in total now! These are amazing, they hydrate the lips and provides colour. It has no scent which is great for people who has sensitive lips like me! They look fabulous. The two shades here are T03 Ruby Carnation (top)- “Red for casual style”, and 13 Milky Alyssum (bottom)- “A sexy, cute rose pink”.


Swatches: top: 13 Milky Alyssum (A sexy, cute rose pink); bottom: T03 Ruby Carnation (Red for casual style)

These are the swatches, it’s kind of funny the top one looks redder than the bottom, I feel like the names should be swapped… Nevertheless, the colours are very pretty! I love the shade 13 more!

Lip Tint Jam


This is a new product for me which I’ve never tried. This is the shade 04 Espresso Jam- “A clear brown that serves as an accent colour”.

Translucent formula provides a barely-there finish

  • The jam-like jelly spreads over your lips in a flash.
  • Gives your lips an instant burst of color with a silky-smooth texture that feels just like your own bare skin.
  • Ensures that you can enjoy lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing fibers sticking to your lips.

Color stays on even after eating

  • The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips. *The precise color will vary between individuals.
  • The color stays in place even if you’re eating and drinking, ensuring that make-up touch-ups after meals are simplicity itself.


This looks really pretty and matches many different lip colours. I’ve tried it on reds, pinks, even nudes! It works so well to give my lips a nice gradient effect! It also has a little nice cooling effect. One thing I dislike about this though is the applicator, it’s not a typical doe foot but a more flat and long thing… I find it pretty hard to spread a thin layer of it on my lips so I usually dap some and blend it with my fingers. I have to do this fast cause it stains really quick! It’s overall pretty great if you’re into gradient lips!

Welp, that’s the end of this post! Did you enjoy it? Let me know! Do you use any Canmake products, if you do which is your fave one? If you don’t, would you like to try? Which one?

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else. I am not paid to write this.

See you in the next one~


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