Buy or Bye? Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette + Tutorial

Beautiful warm tones~


Hello, friends!

I feel like it’s been a while since I actually reviewed makeup, all along now, I’ve just been posting quite a lot on just skincare. Anyway, today I’m doing a follow-up review on this Colourpop palette from when I talked about it in my haul! If you want to know more about what else I got you can read about the haul first!

The product retails for USD 16 (RM 67) which you could purchase right here! It is a popular palette so it might be out of stock but I’m sure they will restock it soon enough. Colourpop also ships internationally (even though their shipping services is pretty horrible…). So you could buy it from anywhere.

I will be skipping the details of the product and dive straight into the review!


The product comes in a good quality cardboard! I was really surprised how sturdy it was because USD 16 is really really cheap for a palette. With that being said, this palette is pretty small in size (not complaining though!), so it’s easy to store. There are 8 matte shades, and 4 shimmer shades to choose from. You get 0.85g (0.03 oz) for each colour, so 12 times. I’d say this palette is really worth the price!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 22.27.50

The colours are absolutely beautiful! Below are the swatches, I did from left to right and the first row to last!


I feel like the first colour you can’t really see on my arm as my skin tone is quite similar to it. I feel like this might be a pretty bad swatch pic… because the lighting below is literally a shadow. Hmmm…

The colours provided are absolutely gorgeous. I am so in love with warm tones as I feel that suit my skin tone well and really brightens and make my eyes seem bigger since I have well pretty small monolid eyes. The colours provided in the palette really could allow you to create many different looks honestly.


The shadows feel pretty buttery when you swirl them with your fingers, but I feel that the matte shades can get a little chalky. Afterall, they’re pressed powder shadows so nothing to worry about. They blend really nicely but I think can sometimes take a while to really blend it well.

If you want to watch a tutorial on a makeup look, I’ve made one right here using this palette!


VERDICT: BUY! (10/10)

Honestly an amazing palette, if you are hesitant about buying it because you’re unsure of the bolder colours or you’re more of a cool colour person, you should just get it! The colours are beautiful, the quality is good. It blends well and is really pigmented! For such a price, this palette is honestly amazing!

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