Colourpop Haul

First time I bought from Colourpop was two years ago!


Hello, friends!

I’ve got a little haul today, and I notice I don’t really do these. It’s mainly cause I don’t actually buy as much makeup. I tend to spend more on clothes… I was thinking I should also do some blog posts on fashion, but I don’t really know where to start because I don’t actually have someone to be able to help talk my outfit pictures for me. I still will do it sometime soon- but that’s not what I want to talk about today…

I got some new things from Colourpop!


So the first thing I got is the main reason of the whole purchase- this is one of their new palettes called Yes, Please! It’s a warm-toned palette, and I honestly need a warm tone palette as I think it looks most flattering on me. The palette is quite small which is great for storing away and bringing it around.


The next thing I got were these four individual pressed shadows. I actually really wanted this other palette which was originally $18 but became $12 as it was on discount, unfortunately it was sold out so I bought these instead. They were all $1 off so, I was able to get them for $14 with a free palette to store these away in.


The colours look so so good, and I’m not really good picking my own palette yet, so I decided to stick and follow their palette colours. I’ve played with the palette once for now, and I really love it!


Next, I got a Super Shock Shadow in Tea Party. I’ve only used it once and it feels really buttery and blends really well. Too early to say anything else about it.


I also got a blush called Between the Sheets, I haven’t got a good use of it yet, but I’m excited!!


Last item is this highlight palette which unfortunately broke on the way here. I’ve contacted Colourpop and they were really friendly and helpful and have refunded. Their responses were really quick too! Luckily, not too much broke, and I kind of molded the broken bits back into place. They’re also pretty creamy which is really nice! I’ve used this as well, they’re pigmented and really pretty!

I’m really happy with the stuff I got to be honest, they’re really good quality for their prices! I’d be buying from them more I feel like, especially their shadows. 😀

What’s your favourite thing from Colourpop? Recommend me something! Let me know!


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