Buy or Bye? Jerlynn’L Bath and Facial Products

Remember that party I went to?


Hello, friends!

If you’ve read about the party for the Butterfly Projects ‘s 4th anniversary I went to last month, then you’d be familiar with these products. I’ve received some facial and bath products from their line.

If you haven’t heard about their brands, here’s a little info…

Jerlynn’L has a range of products for children starting from when their brand, such as their Body & Face Cream, and Baby Wee & Poo (it’s a body moisturising, I think. Haha. A name to call a product though). Their products are safe for families as they’re Paraben free and has a high grade in essential oils such as 4x Ceramide III that helps in providing skin moisture and skin elasticity.

If you’re interested in their products you can check out Jerlynn’L‘s page on Facebook.

Note: If you haven’t read about what my skin type is, you should read it before reading this post as it will give you a better impression on how it affected my skin and how it can vary from yours!

Body Wash (Plant & Herb Extract)


This is their body wash, it comes in 500 ml. So it’s a large bottle that could last you a month if you shower about twice a day. It has a mild lemony scent that I really like and also clear coloured gel.


It doesn’t irritate my skin at all (and I have very sensitive skin), and doesn’t dry it out either. But it doesn’t lather up much, it has barely any bubbles which I don’t like. This is just me using my hands and not a loomfa. So, I definitely think I won’t purchase this product again.

Hair Wash Scalp Care (Fragrance-Free)


This is hair wash which doesn’t have any fragrances added into it. There is definitely a smell though which is kind of mild. I don’t really know how to describe it, I guess you just need to try it yourself! Just like the bath gel, the hair wash was also clear-gel. Unlike the body wash, this one definitely bubbles up more but not as much as I’m used to. It does keep my hair clean and leaves a nice scent on it but I feel like I have to use a lot of it at a go as my hair is quite thick… So, I don’t think I’ll purchase this one again too.

Hair Conditioner & Detangler


This one comes in a little squirt bottle. I use 5-6 squirts every time. It smells pretty lovely, but again I can’t really put my finger on what it smells like. It does make my hair feel a lot smoother and softer and I like that. Definitely also detangles my hair which is great!


However, I feel like my hair doesn’t feel as soft as I want it too. My mum’s a hair stylist so I have access to better products. I wouldn’t say that this is a bad product, but definitely not very great. I’d still recommend it if you have really oily hair especially.

Face Moisture


This is a face moisturiser that comes in a little squirt pump.


I honestly don’t really like the smell of this. It smells like prescribed medicational lotion that doctors have given me for a burn or a rash or something for sure.


But the texture is nice. It glides onto the skin pretty well and blends easy. It also does the job and provides moisture back into the skin. It doesn’t irritate my face at all and overall a pretty good product despite the smell. I would recommend it for all skin types, my skin is on the dry side but it worked fine!

Daily Moisture Lotion


This one is a daily moisturiser for the face and body and I much prefer this one in comparison to the previous one. This one is also advertised to be able to use on babies so definitely suitable for any type of skin, especially sensitive like mine. It smells lovely for sure!


The consistency of this one is definitely thinner than the Face Moisture one. But also easy to blend and spread around the skin. I’ve been using this on my body for a while and it works fine. It does provide moisture back into the skin and keeps it feeling smooth. So far, I don’t really have complaints about it.

Bugs No More


This one is a mosquito or insect repellent. I don’t really have any comment on this product as it does smell like the typical mosquito repellent. I don’t seem to get any bites after using this so I suppose it works well. It’s a fun sized bottle that is definitely very easy to pop in your bag.

That’s all for this post. My favourite product is the Daily Moisture Lotion. I just really like it. Have you heard of Jerlynn’L? Or has anything caught your eye? Let me know!

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

See you in the next one~


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