Buy or Bye? Kocostar Moisture Mask Series

A whole lot of masks for different body parts. I was really amused about the products.

Disclaimer: Most pictures used do not belong to me, all rights go to its rightful owner.

Hello, friends!

This post has been postponed over and over again because I had so many masks to try out and I couldn’t just use them all at one go. But I have finally tried them and have an impression. There were 8 masks in total for this series. So, it’ll be a little longer post so, let’s go!

So here’s a little bit about Kocostar…

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 23.08.51.png

“All Mask Series From Hair To Toe Beyond Your Imagination

Sales On Over Thousands Stores, Over 20 Countries Worldwide

Aim To Be NO1 Creative & Innovative Mask Brand In The World

Be Good To Yourself, Save Your Time and Dime with KOCOSTAR”

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 17.37.36


“Hi! We are KOCOSTAR. We make easy to use salon quality products to get

your skin young, your hair silky, your feet pretty and your nails sparkly quickly and affordably.

Spending money at the salon is such a fail.
Have a salon experience right at home.

Save your time and your dime!!

You could purchase your products here internationally from their official website, but if you’re from Malaysia, you could purchase them from the Sephora website.

As this post will be extremely long, I won’t be reviewing it as how I would but instead just add my review below the description of the products.



5 Finger Nail Pack


“An intense, soothing treatment of botanicals and vitamins to protect and repair stressed nails while strengthening nails against splitting and peeling.”


The product comes in 10 finger slips in total. It is extremely easy to slip them on. My nails are pretty strong as is but sometimes it gets pretty weak after using so much nail polish on it. So, this is a great mask to strengthen your nails to make sure their healthy and sturdy after using a lot of nail polish like I have.

Nail Art Starter


“A hand glove, which can be easily used by removing the tips, nourishes and moisturizes the hand when using nail polish or UV / LED lamps during nail care.”

3_product-side-76_product-inside-7The fitting of this great because it’s a pretty big glove so obviously a lot of sizes would be able to fit. With the sticky tag at the opening, it’s helpful to tighten around the wrist so it’ll stay in place the whole time.


Another great thing about this is that if you want to get some work done with the mask still on you can just leave it on and tear the fingertips off. The hand mask was definitely soaked with a lot of product so after using my hand feel really soft and smooth.

Unfortunately, this one only has one glove for some reason. I don’t really understand if anyone would just need one hand mask? So if you do, you can get this one

Hand Moisture Pack

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 23.35.02.png

“A moisturizing and soothing treatment that helps replenish dehydrated hands in 20 minutes. Quickly improves skin hydration and protects against dehydrated hands.”



This is the exact same product as the one before except it’s for both hands. I felt that the outcomes were similar but I would definitely recommend this one more if you’re ever thinking of getting some masks for your hands. I also wouldn’t you recommend do much while having these one as they’re definitely difficult to manuver in. So, just sit back, relax, watch a show or something and just let your hands enjoy absorbing all those nutrients.



Before I jump into the review, I want to tell you a little bit about my hair. I live in Malaysia and it’s a tropical country so I shower at least twice a day and wash my hair everyday because it just gets so oily if I don’t. But my hair feels really dry and gets extremely tangled up when I wet and wash it. I’ve dyed my hair many times in the past and have many hairstyles as my mum is a hairstylist but so my ends are a little damaged. I’ve cut all of the really damaged ones off. So, I’d say my hair is alright for now.

Ggongji Hair Pack


“A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair. Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter forms a protective layer for nutrients and prevents future damages. Simply wrap your ponytail on the go.

“GGONGJI” means “Ponytail” in Korean.”

3_product-side-36_product-inside-3This pack is for people who have long hair. My ponytail is definitely not long enough for this so I used this a couple of times but it’s similar to the Home Salon Hair Pack which I will review below.


Home Salon Hair Pack


“A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair. Professional hair salon technology creates soft & silky locks in 20 minutes.”

3_product-side-56_product-inside-5This mask is suitable for all hair types, especially if you’re hair is a little fried/dried from dyeing it too much or just if you have a drier hair type. I found it a little difficult to bundle up all my hair in the mask. But after much difficulty, I finally managed to put all my hair in it.


After using it my hair definitely feels extremely smooth, soft and silky. I was really happy with the results and there were a lot of product in the mask so I did keep it aside to reuse again. I had about 2 more reuses in total, so I managed to use the product 3 times and the 3 times they worked great.

The mask also had a nice smell to it so it was all really relaxing to slap it on my head.

Long Hair Pack


“A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair. Professional hair salon technology creates soft & silky locks in 20 minutes. Designed for long hair.”

3_product-side-66_product-inside-6This is the exact same product as the Home Salon Pack but just for those who have much longer hair. If you have middle length hair I would suggest you to just stick with the home salon pack.




Foot Moisture Pack


“A moisturizing and soothing treatment that helps replenish dehydrated feet in 20 minutes. Quickly improves skin hydration and protects against dehydrated feet.”


Similar to the Hand Moisture Pack, this is another one for feet. Again it comes with the handy sticker straps to help them adjust to your ankles. So it will stay secure in place. The size of the mask is also versatile, it can definitely fit any feet size unless you have hobbit feet (haha).


After using this my feet also feels more hydrated, smooth, and soft, very much like the hand one. Because my feet is usually not dehydrated, the product is alright for me but if you have a lot of dead skin and have really dry feet, I’d recommend it as it will definitely help regain the moisture back into your feet!

Foot Peeling Pack


“An intense, soothing treatment of botanicals extracts to exfoliate and repair stressed feet while softening and smoothing the skin’s surface for lovable, touchable feet.”

3_product-side6_product-insideThis is similar to the one mentioned before but it is more intense. If you have cracked feet and dead skin all around I would recommend using this instead as it packs a punch. Again the packinging is the same and overall suitable for all feet sizes.


I have a hard time giving a good opinion on this as my feet isn’t very dry nor is it cracked and have a lot of dead skin. But, again like the others, after using it, my feet definitely feels a lot smooth and soft which is always nice.

VERDICT: 8/10 (BUY!)

Overall, I found the products are of high quality. They definitely did what they are marketed to do. I found that the items are definitely designed to care for some areas that we tend to neglect and makes it easier for us to do so. Most of the products could be used at least two times, honestly speaking. And they do work so I’m happy with the overall result.

Have you heard of Kocostar? Do you moisturise your feet and hands regularly? Because I don’t… Let me know below!

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

See you in the next one~


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