Buy or Bye? ZEMU’s N. Pack Cream

A thick cream mask


Hello, friends!

My last post on ZEMU products! This time it is a cream mask, the only kind of mask in the line. If you have missed my other three reviews on O. Pack CleanserM. Coating Mist, N.T. All Day Cream, and you can go ahead and read about it.

Note: If you haven’t read about what my skin type is, you should read it before reading this post as it will give you a better impression on how it affected my skin and how it can vary from yours!

Again, you can buy their products right here!


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 09.23.50.png

Again, I was provided with a pamphlet, so I’ll just give you details about it.

Special Feature

A special pack cream containing Zeolite from New Zealand cares for rough and sensitive skin caused by pollution exposure, particle matter, and yellow sand. Improves the skin by emptying residual waste and leaving natural moisturising ingredients. It has the function of protecting the skin from harmful substances by forming a micro-membrane on skin, in addition to controlling sebum, secretion, and improving skin texture.


Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the full ingredients list of the products. However, I was given a list of main ingredients:

Zeolite a mineral discovered in Rotorua, the famous city of hot springs in New Zealand. It has an outstanding power for moisture retention. Zeolite moisturises while absorbing impurities.

Althaea Rosea & Aloe Extract Phyto-Oligo obtained from mixing Althaea Rosea (hollyhock root). Aloe Extract has excellent skin soothing and anti-inflammatory effect

MACA Root contains minerals like potassium and essential substances for enzymes in supplying moisture to the skin and providing anti-oxidant qualities.


Evening: Use after applying O. Pack Cleanser and M. Coating Mist. Take out a sufficient amount and apply thickly. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes of application or leave it for absorption.



The packaging of the product just like the others is attractive. I really love the all gold. effect. It comes with a little pump for the product. I usually use just 1 pump every time I use this. The smell of the product is not my favourite, I don’t think any fragrance is added to the product, so it doesn’t exactly smell very nice. I don’t really know how to explain the smell but this one differs from their other products.


The texture of the cream is very rich and thick. But it applies smoothly, I do not have trouble with applying it at all. After applying it to your face, you can feel that it’s pretty thick and heavy. You definitely need to wash it off, as it has a mask texture instead of a cream.


After using my face feels really moisturised, smooth and soft which is great. So, in a way, I do believe that it does remove impurities from my skin since it makes me smoother and softer. It said it would help with pores, and although I do believe it removed some of my sebum, it does not help with minimising my large pores. I inherited large pores which aren’t really attractive; however, I do see most of them lighten up.

VERDICT: BUY! (8/10)

Overall, the product helps with absorbing sebum from my pores, and providing moisture back to my skin which makes it smooth and soft. However, the product does not help with minimising my pores. The texture of the product is rich and thick, that also glides onto the skin really smoothly. I’m not a fan of the smell of the product, definitely no fragrance (which could be a good thing).

FTC – The product(s) mentioned was sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

Do you know any mask that could help with my pores? I need help ;(

See you in the next one!~


2 thoughts on “Buy or Bye? ZEMU’s N. Pack Cream

  1. If you wear makeup, it’s probably hard to avoid, but I stopped washing my face so much with cleanser…that helped my pores. It sounds weird, but…

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    1. I feel I barely wear any makeup, and if I do like do daily makeup, I just fill in my brows, have some blush on and a lip product. I think I only wash my face once a day at night before bed w cleanser 😦 my pores are still big u- u


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