Buy or Bye? N.T. All Day Cream

My all time product as of now!

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Hello, friends!

Yes, another post from the ZEMU line! This time about my favourite product out of the whole line. If I were to recommend just one item from ZEMU, it would be this cream. If you have missed my other two reviews on O. Pack Cleanser and the M. Coating Mist, you can go ahead and read about it.

Note: If you haven’t read about what my skin type is, you should read it before reading this post as it will give you a better impression on how it affected my skin and how it can vary from yours!

Again, you can buy their products right here!


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I was provided with a pamphlet, so I’ll just give you details about it.

Special Feature

A heavy-duty cream bound with the compounds and ingredients necessary to achieve the ultimate skin, sH-Oligopeptide-1 and Fullerene create and refine the skin barrier, while Adenosine and Niacinamide evens the skin tone by whitening and facilitating wrinkle improvement.

The product also retails for 77,000 won which is about RM297 (USD66) for 50ml of product. Although 50ml might seem little, I can assure you that this product can last a very very long time.


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Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the full ingredients list of the products. However, I was given a list of main ingredients:

Fullerene A carbonic substance that won the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry, absorbs and removes active oxygen that occurs from bodily oxidation. An accumulation of oxidation causes dry skin, skin damage, and ageing.

E.G.F. (Epidermal Growth Factor) The protein produced by the body that combines receptors on the epidermis of the skin and promotes cell production. EGH supplements the areas of skin that have lost their strength from aging and brings back their vitality by providing softness and lifting to the skin.

Adenosine An ingredient for wrinkle prevention that has anti-aging properties in promoting protein synthesis.

Niacinamide A vitamin B compound that promotes whitening. Through inhibiting the activation of melanin cells, pigmentation is relieved.


Rinse face after facial cleaning, spray the M. coating mist gently, and spread N.T. All Day Cream smoothly.

What I do is that I massage a little and then pat gently onto the face as a moisturiser.


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Now, let’s talk about this product. The product just like the rest of the line has a luxurious packaging. I really like how it looks. It has a gold colour cap and a thick white plastic bottom. This product smells exactly the same as their M. Coating Mist. So, I can’t really explain how it is.


The texture of it is really smooth and thick. It feels really rich and heavy, kind of like melted butter. It spreads and applies well into the skin, again, it’s really like applying butter on your face (haha) but the feeling isn’t oily. After applying, it doesn’t feel oily or anything and but it definitely feels really rich.

The effects of the product are really good. My mum has also been using this product and she is in love with it. It moisturises the face and keeps it feeling nice and smooth. After using this product for a good 2 months (there’s still a lot left as I speak), my skin has noticeably become more firm and hydrated. Moreover, it gives you that elastic feeling on the skin like how they show you in commercials, it’s a little hard to believe, but my skin does feel like that now!

To add onto the effects, my mum said that her wrinkles have slightly (very slightly) faded, and her favourite thing about the product is that it keeps her face firm and very moisturised without feeling oily.

VERDICT: 9.5/10 (BUY!)

Overall, the product is amazing. It has a nice luxurious packaging. It helps moisturise the skin very well, the texture is smooth like butter and feels very rich. It leaves your face firm, slightly reduces wrinkles over time, and keeps your face moisturised without feeling oily. Despite the product being a little bit on the pricier side, I would highly recommend to all skin types! This is big repurchase for me.

Have you found a rich cream/moisturiser that has done wonders for your skin? What’s your current favourite cream/moisturiser? I’d love to know!

See you in the next one~


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