Buy or Bye? Always 21 Sun Perfect Aloe Daily Sun Milk

My first sunscreen review!

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Hello, friends!

I will be reviewing a sunscreen today from the brand Always 21. ☺️

Always 21 is a global brand and retailer of beauty and cosmetic products inspired by earth’s nature. It is a Korea made products with wide range of beauty and cosmetic products ethically produced. The products were formulated with purity in mind and uniquely blend of nature’s beauty products. Our ingredients were laden with mother nature’s prized botanical essentials and scientific breakthrough features that care for your skin with everything it needs to be healthy.

You can look at their Facebook page to check out their latest store deals as well as find out more about their outlets in Malaysia.


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Very obviously, this is a sunscreen. It has SPF 50+/ PA+++. I feel I don’t really have to go into too much detail into this as the majority of people probably already know what sunscreen is.

But, if you don’t wear sunscreen every day, I highly recommend you start doing right now. You can read about these 11 Benefits to wearing sunscreen and really consider it!

There is 50ml (1.7 fl oz.) of product and it retails for RM47 each which you can purchase from Always 21 branches as well as this online store.




Using screen is simple. Shake the bottle well and just apply it directing to your skin and then massage it out. I’d say give it a good coat and don’t be stingy! Below is a picture on how I put this sunscreen on, since it is a milk.



The packaging of the box is cute, I actually really like how it looks. However, the bottle of it is just pretty standard. The is bright yellow so it is really easy to spot (when you don’t have glasses on HAH). Since it is a sun milk, the consistency of is watery and the colour is a solid white. I personally prefer gel type sunscreens as the watery kind is just well, watery. But, that’s just my preference, this doesn’t really affect the quality of the sunscreen. The smell of it isn’t too bad, it doesn’t really smell of anything else besides sunscreen.

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When blending it into the skin, it’s really easy to work with as it blends very well and works into the skin easily.


Unfortunately, it does leave a little bit of a white cast to your face. I don’t really mind this as I’m quite fair, it just makes my skin looks a little bit more white. It’s nothing too obvious but I’m not sure if I could say the same on darker skin tones.


What I like most about the product that it is not tacky whatsoever on the face. It’s also is really lightweight, you don’t really feel it on your face once you blend it out. It works well with makeup too. Generally, I feel as long as the sunscreen isn’t tacky and feels good on the skin, I’d like it.

VERDICT: BUY! (8/10)

Overall a good sunscreen as it isn’t tacky at all when used on your bare face, and it is also really lightweight. It blends in very well into the skin. On the down side, it does leave a little bit of a white cast. It also provides SPF 50, which is what I go for, for an everyday sunscreen.

What kind of sunscreen to you use? What SPF level do you prefer and what’s your all time favourite skinscreen?

See you in the next one~



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      1. Thanks! That’s what I used in Florida. But I was out in the sun a lot more. Crawling around all those magic swamps, ya know! 🙂

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