Travel Tag ✈️

I got tagged by a friend to do this!

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Hello, friends!

I’ll be answering a series of questions based around travelling. I got tagged by Smudges click here if you’re interested in reading hers! (:

Where is your favourite place you have visited?

My favourite place was definitely Japan. I was there when I was about 13 for 3 weeks. I went to so many different states I have lost count and seen so many things. This trip literally changed my life. I got so inspired to become an English teacher ever since this trip and after 7 years, my dream is still alive. I’m currently doing my degree in Education.

If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you pick?

As of now, I would go to Tacoma, WA, USA. My boyfriend currently lives there and I really want to see him.

Would you rather go on a city holiday or a beach holiday?

Well, I love the city more so than somewhere far off the busy streets. It’s an environment I grew up with. Despite hating being surrounded by many people… I somehow still prefer the city. I like long drives in empty roads, and chilling by a rooftop or a highrise building. It’s a little ridiculous because I’m also afraid of heights. But hey, I enjoy it.

What are 3 of your holiday essentials?

I’m one who feels like I don’t overpack if I’m being honest I kinda under pack things… But my top 3 essentials are:

  1. My phone (mainly for the camera as I don’t actually have a camera yet): I love taking pictures and recording memories. I started doing this on my YouTube channel and it’s really great cause when I look back at it, it gets me nostalgic and happy to relive those memories in video.
  2. Skincare: Travelling can often lead to me having dry skin… I think bringing my skincare around is vital. I would never leave it behind. Hehe.
  3. Cute clothes: At this point, I can’t name anything else but I guess I would put an effort to bring some better-looking clothes so I can also look good in pictures! Haha.

Are you an Over-Packer or an Under-Packer?

As I said before I don’t think I’m really either… but I sometimes feel I under pack.

What is your favourite thing about going on holidays?

I think my favourite thing is exploring new places and trying new types of foods. I love being around new scenery and taking pictures of them. Besides that, I also really like that I’m spending quality time with some people I love (or by myself), making new memories. It makes me happy.

What is one place you would never want to visit?

This one I can’t really name… But probably somewhere I do not feel comfortable such as for my safety or maybe somewhere not relaxing where it is very unhygienic.

Who would you rather go on a holiday with, family or friends?

This is really hard to pick as I do enjoy both. But I would have to go with family. My mum and I hardly go on holiday together cause usually we can only afford for one person to go. So either I go or my mum goes, and we usually travel with my aunts!

What is the most adventurous dish you have tried from another country?

I mean… coming from an Asian country, I don’t think there’s anything else too adventurous for me to try. I mean I’ve tried pig’s blood (that comes in cubes, I hated it) and like monkey brain soup when I was much younger (also hated it). Uh, I don’t think I’ll ever try eating insects because I’m absolutely terrified of them.

Who do you want to do this travel tag?

I tag you! Yes, you reading this, if you haven’t done this already. I’d love to read. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to do it in the comments!

And that’s the end of the tag! If you’re reading this Smudges, thanks for tagging me once again. I found it pretty fun doing this! 😀 Hope you all had a good read!

See you in the next one!





12 thoughts on “Travel Tag ✈️

  1. Aww, I hope you make it to Washington sometime soon and see your boyfriend. 🙂 I used to be an over-packer, but now I pack the bare essentials. I like traveling light. Cities are my favorite places!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This might sound a little weird, but I like the sound of night; “the city never sleeps,” and you can always hear far off cars on a freeway. I grew up falling asleep to that sound, and I think it’s the most peaceful thing ever. 😊💕 What’s your favorite thing about cities?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s interested, I don’t think it’s weird at all. I think my fave thing about cities are the lights. Although looking at stars is nice, city lights makes me feel really warm. (: I don’t like the dark

        Liked by 1 person

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