Buy or Bye? ZEMU O. Pack Cleanser

Back with another review!

Disclaimer: Some pictures used does not belong to me

Hello friends!

In January, I started using some products from the brand ZEMU from Korea. By the looks of it, they’re definitely a high-end brand. You can use the link to check out the rest of their products! Their whole collection consists of four items which could be included in your skin care regimen as is.

Since there are four items, I decided to spread them into four different posts instead of one extremely long one… Plus, I haven’t got a solid impression on the other products yet and I am still using them daily and testing them out. But I’ll definitely get the reviews done by this month (hopefully 😅).

Let’s move on with the review.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 21.50.25.png

I’m reviewing the cleanser this time. I was provided with a pamphlet, so I’ll just give you details about it.

Special Feature

The pack cleanser contains the ZEMU signature, miracle ingredient, ZEOLITE from New Zealand. It contains effective natural toxin absorption and purifying properties. Its qualities effectively clean away any makeup residue, absorbs sebum, particle matter, yellow dust, and toxins. It maintains moisture, protecting the inner layer of the skin.

The product also retails for 24,200 won which is about RM93 (USD20) for 150 ml product. I’d say this can last for a good amount of time as I usually do not use a lot of the product.


Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the full ingredients list of the product. But, it says that Zeolite is one of the main ingredients of the cleanser. Quoting from a website, here is a little about what it is:

What is it?

First formed more than 300 million years ago, zeolite is a mineral mostly made up of silica (the third most abundant trace element in the human body) and alumina tetrahedra. There are many natural variations, each one unique to its environment. Some formed when volcanic rocks and ash reacted with seawater; others are freshwater variations. In Australia, for example, zeolite is also known as clinoptilolite and is thought to be one of the oldest deposits of its kind in the world.

You can read the full here article that provides you with its effects and such.

It also a certified for an irritant-free product, so if you have eczema and such, this could be a good cleanser for you.


There were also instructions on how to use it on the pamphlet so I’ll just write them down here.

Morning: Take an adequate amount and massage the skin with water. Rinse off after massage.

Evening: Use just the same method as the morning. When skin feels in need of extra care, massage with thicker amount and apply on skin like a mask pack. Rinse off after 1-2 minutes of applying.


Above is a picture of me using it at night. I did use a little bit more than enough by accident…



The product has a mild scent to it. I feel like it smells like sand and rocks, but not in a bad way. Just smells pretty natural I guess. It spreads on the face very easily and just glides smoothly on the skin when mixed a little with water. I wouldn’t recommend using the product with no water whatsoever. It’ll won’t be as slippery and the effect isn’t as good.

After washing the product off my face, my face does feel very clean and smooth but without feeling as if the cleanser has stripped all types of oil on my face to the point where it is really dry and pulling. Do you get what I mean? Some cleansers I have used just washes everything off your face that makes you feel like it’s extremely dry and pulling which for me (and a popular opinion) is not what you want in a cleanser. Generally, this cleanser cleans your face but not to the point where it is uncomfortable…

As terrible as it sounds, I sometimes (very rare but once in a while when I’m very lazy) skip the toner and moisturiser and go to bed. This isn’t good at all for my skin, but when I wake up the next morning, I wouldn’t say my face is too dry. A little dehydrated for sure, but still okay. But when do tone, I’ve been using the 7 method toning steps using the Vivisure Hibis Toner, my skin feels so amazing and soft and very hydrated.

The cleanser also helps remove makeup, I wouldn’t say heavy waterproof makeup. But if you have light makeup on… Using this should be fine. I use the cleaser as an everyday cleanser as of now (both morning and night), and I also use it when I double cleanse to remove makeup.

VERDICT: 8/10 (BUY!)

Although this cleanser is on the pricier side as it is a high-end product, it does provide good cleansing powers that don’t strip your face bare completely and feeling dry. It can also remove light makeup if you are not double cleansing. It also have good quality ingredients such as Zeolite which I have never had in a skincare product before. Honestly, if I weren’t always on the look out or trying new products, I would highly consider buying the product again. Generally, it’s a great cleanser suitable for all skin types.

FTC – The products mentioned were sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

What are your everyday cleansers? Recommend me some of your favourites! Have you heard of this brand? Have you had Zeolite in your skincare products before? Let me know!

See you in the next one!


6 thoughts on “Buy or Bye? ZEMU O. Pack Cleanser

  1. I have never heard of this brand! So I am excited to see your other reviews. Also, your pricing in won seems a bit off. If the price in US dollars is around $20, the won amount would be closer to 24,000 won (because 1,000 won is close to $1). Unless the facewash costs around $242… Then you are washing your face with gold right there! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for correcting me! It is wrong xD it’s suppose to be 24200 won. I would never ever buy a $250 cleanser unless it’s able to cleanse my soul. Also, I’m new to the brand to and my mum and I love it! 😀


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