Buy or Bye? Vivisure Cera Better Cream 🍂

Yet another overdue review, I was supposed to make around Christmas…

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Disclaimer: Some pictures used do not belong to me

Hello, friends!

How’s the new year treating you? I’ve been fairly unproductive already and it’s making me a little sad… Anyway, I was sent this product right along with the Vivisure’s Hibis Cream and toner which you can have a read if you like after this one. Since I was testing out the products one at a time so I can really see what it provides to my skin as they’re both moisturisers, this one took a little longer for me to write the review. Sorry!

Without further ado, let’s get into the review!


As usual, a little bit about the product… This product is from a Korean brand called Vivisure, and you can find their website right here. To buy this product, you can find their shop right here. The Cera Better cream retails for 38,000 won which is about RM 144 (USD 32), and you get 70g worth of product in the bottle.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.48.47.png

This product is aimed for people to have drier skin, but I honestly think it’s suitable for all skin types if depending on the weather. I’ll tell you more about this in the review.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.51.17.png

So the product also contain 10 type of different oils (excluding Cerabutter which makes it 11 in total), here’s a picture of the oils that are mentioned to be in the product:

, here’s a picture of the oils that are mentioned to be in the product:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.53.24.png

Similarly to the Hibis cream, this product is also said to be able to moisturise your face and give you back more than 3 times of the moisture back.


And that’s what you’re supposed to be looking for in a moisturiser, is it being able to provide you back the moisture to your skin to keep it well hydrated! And finally, below is a little snippet of what the products could help with your skin:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.57.21.png


Since a list was provided again, the following is the list of ingredients found in the product:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.59.45.png

The product has also been certified by the Korean Ministry of Food, Drug Safety, and IOS that it has skin brightening and wrinkle reduction properties. The ingredients also show all the essential oils mentioned before; however, obviously not all natural.


Again, this is a very straight forward step on how to use a cream on your face, but, there may be some of you that may not be using in hygienically. The product comes with a spatula and I would highly recommend you using it for hygienic purposes! Vivisure also provided a little tutorial on how to use the product, so I’ll just leave it here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.02.41.png


Finally, the part that everyone is waiting for- the review! I’ll jump right into it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.29.58.png

The packaging just like the Hibis cream is gorgeous, it’s has a very tropical theme and I really like it. It comes in this heavy and thick glass jar which a silver colour cap. The jar feels heavy and luxurious, the bottle also feels like it has a matte finish to it which I also like.

Again, similarly to the Hibis cream, it has a floral scent except this one seems more buttery. I think I could actually smell the shea butter in there (I have some raw shea butter from L’occitane, so I kind of know how it smells haha). The scent isn’t very overpowering in my opinion, so anyone who doesn’t like scented products, I still think this one is fine. The texture of the cream is very smooth and easy to blend, it’s very simple to have a small amount spread across your face.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 20.42.58.png

The effects of the product are also almost immediate. My face feels very moisturised and soft after using the product. As mentioned before, I think the product could work for all skin types. I brought the cream on my trip to Beijing, and unlike in Malaysia, the weather is extremely dry which consequently dehydrates my skin very quickly. So upon using this, it did an amazing job giving my skin the moisture back. My skin would have the product quickly absorbed and I used it very frequently. My aunt who has very oily skin felt that it was good and was not oily at all for her. However, using in back in Malaysia, I felt that it was a little too oily for me if used with the amount I used when in Beijing. As Malaysia is more humid and warm, I found that my skin didn’t absorb the product as well as it did in China; and it also left a tacky feeling I don’t really like. But it’s still alright if I used in really small amounts.

So, I would recommend the product to people who has extremely dry skin if you live in a humid country like mine, and I would also recommend the product if your country has four seasons and is really drying during winter (I think this one helps much better than the Hibis Cream).

VERDICT: BUY! (8/10)

Overall, the product is a great moisturiser, especially if you have dry skin or if it is really dry where you stay. It’s good to use as an everyday moisturiser and I’d recommend it to all skin types if you are from a four seasoned country, if not, for very dry skin! If you do live in a country that only has one season like mine, I’d recommend you the Hibis Cream instead. Special thanks once again to Vivisure for sending me the product to try out, I’ve had a great experience with this one as well as the Hibis cream.

FTC – The products mentioned were sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

What are your everyday moisturiser? I’d like to know because they’re most important to me in my skincare routine!

See you in the next one!


6 thoughts on “Buy or Bye? Vivisure Cera Better Cream 🍂

  1. Have you tried Holika Holika’s Good Cera line? It is my go-to; I don’t know what I would do without it. However, if this is available, I will have to give this a try! Thanks for the detailed review!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I use the three basic steps everyday (toner, emulsion, cream). I really recommend the Good Cera Original Cream. I, however, do have SUPER dry skin, so it may be a bit heavy for others to use daily.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just looked it up, its from Holika Holika. Oooo, my skin isn’t extremely dry but I do live in a country that’s always humid. I’d probably recommend this to my aunt tho during winter!


      3. Yes! Definitely a great winter product, and it smells AMAZING! Holika Holika has to be my favorite Korean skincare brand. They are so affordable, and I have always had great results. ^_^


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