Body Breakfast Coffee Scrub Review

This was honestly the firs time I’ve tried using a coffee body scrub.


Hello, friends!

Today I’m going to share with you a product also new to me: coffee body scrubs! I received some coffee body scrubs from Body Breakfast, and they were very generous to send me all four of their flavours. Honestly, I am so impressed with these coffee scrubs. I am blooowwnn away.

After a few weeks, I’ve managed to try out all the coffee scrubs to bring you this review. It definitely took awhile as I only used them once (or twice) a week just so I can really try them out and see the effects they provide so I can then decide what I think about them.

Since coffee body scrubs are pretty new to me (I usually use sugar ones), I did a little research on what the benefits are. Below is a list:

  1. Have good exfoliating properties
  2. Targets cellulite
  3. Prevents ageing
  4. Relaxing
  5. Detoxifying

The scrubs retail for RM 79.99 (USD 20) each, but they are having a Christmas sale now, so get it while you can at RM49.99 (USD 12) here. Each scrub contain about 200g of product, and I can honestly say it will be able to last you for a long time, so it is absolutely worth it!



Body Breakfast’s coffee scrubs are all natural, which is the main reason why I absolutely love them. Since there are four different flavours, I’ll just give you the list of all four. Also, all of them uses Arabic coffee.

Original: Arabica coffee powder, Water, Sweet almond oil, Dead sea salt, Brown sugar, Orange oil, Vitamin E, Natural fragrance

Coconut: Arabica coffee powder, Water, Coconut fruit, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Dead sea salt, Brown sugar, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Natural fragrance

Cocoa: Arabic coffee powder, Water, Sweet almond oil, Dead sea salt, Brown sugar, Walnut, Cocoa powder, Macadamia oil, natural fragrance

Honey: Arabica coffee powder, Water, Dead sea salt, Brown sugar, Kona coffee powder, Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Grape seed oil, Coffee arabica oil, Shea butter, Honey, Natural fragrance


How it is used

Using this is pretty simple, simply just wet your body (or wherever you want to use the body scrub), use the coffee gentle scrub and massage the area in circular motions. Remember to not rub too hard if you have sensitive skin like I do! Below is a picture of my very pale thigh (I know) when using the product. This one works well for both you face and skin but be sure to test patch it before using.


After that wash the scrub off with soap (if you like, I personally do) and water. Below are pictures of how the scrub looks like when it’s dry and wet.



I would also recommend using the scrub once a week. I, personally, do not think exfoliating your skin every day is good. You should allow your skin to rejuvenate again and exfoliating it would not allow your skin to do that.

Remember to use a dry spoon or spatula to scoop up the ingredients from the baggy for hygienic purposes, and I also don’t really think leaking water into the product is a good idea. As just like any other product, I would recommend you store it in a dry and cool area.


So let’s get into the review, shall we? As I mentioned before, there are four different flavours which the formulas varies quite different so I’ll be reviewing them one by one instead of all four together and then give you an overall review.

  1. Original


The original has a very strong coffee scent. The texture of this is dry and flaky before when touched without any water. The adheres to the body pretty well and does not fall on the ground as much. After using it my skin feels very smooth and soft, very well moisturised. Usually, the effects last up to 3 days at most for me. But my body feels absolutely amazing after using this.

My skin also seems to be more glowy, as if someone gave me new skin. It’s kind of like whenever I use my face masks too. Since this one is suitable for both your face and skin, it’ll definitely make every part of you glow and feel so good!

I would recommend getting this for any sort of skin type, it is definitely suitable for all of them.

2. Coconut


This one has a stronger and more prominent coconut scent that is mixed with coffee. The texture for this one is definitely more oily than the rest. This one also adheres to the body nicely and a lot does not go on the floor. The effects of this one are the same as the original mentioned above, but it seems to be a little bit too oily for me. However, with that being said, after washing my body with soap, my skin still feels very soft, smooth, and moisturised.

I would recommend this one in particular for people who have drier skin, it’s still good for all skin types but I think it’ll definitely give you that extra moisturising effect for people who have drier skin!

3. Cocoa

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 00.13.08.png

The cocoa flavour smells the best in my opinion. It smells like chocolate and coffee, and I absolutely love the scent! I love sniffing this one, haha. Anyway, unlike the others, this one seemed to not adhere to the body as well as the others. One major problem was that quite a bit of the product was falling into the ground when I was using it. So I’d recommend you to wet it while it is still in your hands before putting the product onto your skin. That way it reduces the scrub falling off your body and adheres much better. The product again works really well, just like the others, my skin feels really nice (smooth and all that mentioned) after using it.

This was the first one I tried out, honestly, I was so in love already!

I’d recommend this one to all skin types as well, and I personally love the smell of this one the most! So if you really like that cocoa smell, you should get this one!

4. Honey


The last flavour is honey, the texture of this one is more sticky. The scrub seemed to be in a clump instead of like the others that are more sparse and loose. The scent is also very nice, you can definitely smell the honey in there. This scrub is actually my favourite one out of the rest. Although the cocoa one smells the best to me, this one was my favourite! Due to its clumpy texture, I feel that this one adheres best to the skin in comparison to the others. But I just generally like this one as the scrubs seems to be finer. I don’t really know if it’s just me, but it really seemed finer.

I’d recommend this one to people with sensitive skin, but it is also generally suitable for all skin types. The effects of the scrub are as the ones I have mentioned.

Overall review

The scrubs are consistent, every flavour does provide amazing exfoliation and moisturisation for the skin. My skin definitely feels very nice after using any of the products. So, you wouldn’t really go wrong with buying one of them. One major con is that the cocoa flavour one does not adhere to the body as well as the rest, but it is a quick fix as long as you wet it first before you put it on your body.

Another downside for some of you is that the scents of this scrub are definitely very strong. I personally love the smell of it when I use it but to some people, this might be a problem. But, they all smell lovely, that’s for sure. If you do not like the smell of coffee or cannot take in strong scents, I would recommend you buy the honey flavour as the scent in that isn’t as strong and the honey definitely toned down the coffee scent.

The scrub does not stain your body from what I know some do leave brown stains (maybe it’s just cause I wash my body again with soap after). But if you are using it on your face, I would recommend washing your face with a cleanser after as you might not have remove it properly with just water.

Verdict: BUY! (9/10)

I would definitely repurchase this, or even buy it as a gift for someone! I think the product is definitely worth the price, and especially worth it while it is on discount. Honestly, my mum is so in love with this product too she was really impressed with it and so am I. Special thanks to Body Breakfast once again for sending me the scrubs, I have definitely enjoyed my experience with them.

FTC – The products mentioned were sent to me. All opinions and thoughts I made are truthful and based on my personal experiences, none of my opinions is influenced by anything else.

Have you tried any coffee scrubs? Would you consider to get a coffee scrub? Tell me in the comments below!

See you in the next one~


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