The Best 2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Any Friend You Have 🎁🎄🎅🏼

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming up soon, and I got the ultimate Christmas gift guide that you can gift to any friends or family members you have!


Hello, friends!

How have you been? I have 5 assignments due next week and I’m barely done… I’m working on it though! And, everything to me is a priority, including this blog. I need to start working on my  YouTube channel too. I think my biggest concerns with the YouTube channel is that I don’t really have many ideas for a video? Plus, I have no budget whatsoever and everything of mine seemed quite repetitive. So, I’m working on ways I can incorporate my channel with my blog, so it’ll be easier for me to work with, Hmmm. Do any of you have an idea? You should share with me in the comments.

But, that’s beyond the point. I just ranted on too much now. Haha.

Well, Christmas is coming around and I decided it would be a great idea to provide a Christmas guide for your friends (or family members even). Don’t worry, I’ll consider the prices and give you a few options to choose from! I hope it’ll help/inspire you on what to get this Christmas. 😸

Disclaimer: Almost all the images used do not belong to me! All rights go back to their rightful owner. 

For the friend who loves makeup and skincare

There’s that friend who loves makeup, what should you get him/her? Here are some of my suggestions.

  1.  The Too Faced Christmas 2016 Collection

Too Faced is a well-known higher end makeup brand that the packaging never seems to not impress! You can grab you friend anything from their collection, and they would definite fall in love with it. The price ranges from RM 58 to RM 242 (USD 14.50 – USD 60.50). You can buy them here.

2. Innisfree Christmas collection

Innisfree is easily one of my favourite Korean brands, their items are fairly affordable and thier packaging is also very cute! You can find bath and body products, to makeup, skincare, and to homeware items (candles). So, there are definitely a lot for you to choose from! The price ranges from RM30 to RM 115 (USD 7.50 – USD29). You can find the items here.

3. New set of makeup brushes


Everyone would appreciate new makeup brushes! You can get them from Hermo  (one of my fave Korean online stores) right here for as low as RM 37 (USD 9) for a 7 set piece.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Hermo to make this blog post.

4. Lip product sets

You can try giving your friend a set of lip products. One can never have enough lipsticks! 😉 The price ranges, of course, you can find some products here.

5. Skincare products

Skincare is essential for any beauty lover! Their skincare stash is probably just as big as their makeup stash! If you want to know more about the Black Sugar Wash Off Mask you can check it out here, you can find out more about the Innisfree sheet masks here. You can also check out one of my favourite mask (Rice wash off mask) here. For more options, you can check out more skincare items at affordable prices at Althea (another one of my favourite Korean makeup/skincare store) here.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Althea to make this blog post.

For the friend who is a nerd/geek

  1. Dungeon and Dragon dices


If your friend enjoys playing some D&D, buying a nice dice set of their favourite colour would be ideal! You can find them here.

2. A game


If your friend is a gamer/ game lover, consider buying them some new games! It could be all sorts from PC to Xbox games, you decide! To look at more PC games, click here. P.S. The Last of Us 2 is confirmed! Unfortunately, the date released is yet to be known so you can throw that idea straight away. I can’t wait for it tho! 🙀

3. A graphic Tee

Graphic Tees are a great way to show someone you’re part of a certain fanbase (most of the time). I’m sure your friend would appreciate it if you gave them an awesome T-shirt of their favourite fandom! You can find some Harry Potter shirts here.

4. A themed item from a TV show, books, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 22.46.18.png

Maybe a wand from the Harry Potter world, or bead necklaces from the Percy Jackson series, maybe even this dragon egg cookie jar from Game of Thrones which you can buy here.

5. A book


Books are a great gift! You can pick out one of their favourite book series (if they don’t have it yet) just as a gift for them. If they already have all the books that they enjoy reading, you can pick something new that relates to their favourite book/ genre. I can’t link you to somewhere to find the specific book, but a trip to the bookstore would do the trick!

For the friend is sporty

  1. A new pair of sports shoes (if you could afford it haha)


If you’re able to afford some new sports shoes for you friend, go ahead and get a pair of his/her favourite brand! You can buy some here.

2. A Fitbit


What are fitbits? Basically, they’re little pedometers that do more just than calculating the number of steps you take in a day. Some of the more advanced designs track your sleeping rate, heart rate, and much more! There’s even one which is water-resistant. Both my cousins who are sports maniacs wear them every day, I was gifted one a few months ago (the Fitbit zip which was the simplest and cheapest one. I would recommend getting the Zip if you are not active like me haha. You can check them out here. Price ranges from RM 200 – 900 (USD 50 – 250).

3. Sportswear

Another great idea to add to your list is sportswear! You don’t have to buy branded expensive ones (unless you want to). You can find some of them from H&M, prices vary, but they’re definitely not as expensive as the ones from brands such as Under Armour, Nike, etc. Click here for women sportswear and here for men.

4. One month Spotify Premium Membership


What’s working out without music? That’s right, you know it too. So, you can get Spotify premium right here!

For the friend who you love (DIY items)

  1. DIY body scrubs


Body scrubs are great for just about anyone! It exfoliates your skin and leaves it moisturises your skin. Find out how to make them here.

2. DIY Journals


Instead of buying a journal, you can spice it up and really personalise it for that special someone! Learn how to do it here.

3. Gift sets

Gift sets are great to really personalise. I really think it’s really thoughtful and is generally a one of a kind gift! You can definitely find something to inspire you from this 50 Themed Christmas Gift basket/sets right here.

4. Scrapbooks


Making a scrapbook is not easy, but the effort will definitely pay off. This is another one of the most thoughtful gifts someone could have received/gifts. I, personally, really think that this an amazing gift! Here are 21 scrapbook ideas to inspire you!

5. A card

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 18.40.21.png

As cliche as it is, I personally think cards could be genuine and a nice present to add on to. Maybe you use this as an extra to your favourite person! Remember to include your sweet thoughts about them. You can get some inspiration here.

That comes to the end of this post! Whewwwww. I think this is the longest post I have ever done. Hopefully it has inspired you on what kind of gifts you want to shower you friend in!

Tell me in the comments below what kind of friends do you have! Are they any of the sort mentioned above? Do you think the gift guide was helpful?

I’ll see you all in the next post!


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