Buy or Bye? 📝: Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick [Review]

I’m back with another review! This time a drugstore brand item.


Hello, friends! How’ve you been? I’ve been alright. November is still pretty hectic for me, but that’s basically it. Hopefully, you’re doing fine! 🙂

Now, let’s look at the product I’m going to be talking about today- Maybelline’s V-Face Duo Stick! It’s a highlighter and contour in a pencil form which makes it very easy to store and carrying around. Apparently, they only have this product in Asian countries? They look slightly different on the American Maybelline website packaging wise. But, it’s basically the same product! So, don’t worry.

Also, I may have bought the medium shade by accident. But, it works already for me anyway so that’s alright. The product retails at about RM 37 (USD 9) and I’m not too sure how much product (in grams) you’re actually getting because it doesn’t specify on the stick. I threw away the wrapper too. 😅



The packaging is standard, I personally don’t think it’s that attractive. As my style is more of the “cutesy” type, and I enjoy intricate and detailed packaging, this really doesn’t fit in. But with that being said, I also don’t really mind that much that it isn’t cute or anything. It’s not too attractive but I use it anyway. Haha. It’s made of black plastic and feels alright.

There’s also a transparent plastic cover at both sides so you can tell where the contour is and where the highlight is. Honestly, it helps better so you know which end is.

Also, don’t mind the washi tape at the product as that’s my way of keeping track of the product expire date. (:


Both sides of the contour stick and highlighter is quite pigmented. First, I’ll talk about the highlighter.

The highlighter has a nice colour to it. I would say it has a blue undertone. It’s pretty subtle and just gives a nice dewy glow. I usually only have to swipe it once on and blend it out a bit and it’ll be fine. So, I really do like the highlighter. If I’m being honest, this one is just as good as the one I have from Benefit called WatssUp; however, this one has a cool undertone while Benefit one is warmer. Moreover, it also glides on easy and it feels better creamy on the skin. It also blends out really easy, but, due to the fact I always bend with my fingers, quite a bit would end up on my finger. It doesn’t bother me too much as the highlighter does not transfer completely and it’s still obviously there on my highs of my cheek. So, to conclude, I do think this highlighter is good; it’s just as good as the high-end brands.

Now let’s look at the contour bit.


This is how it looks like (shown in the above picture). Honestly, I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of the contour stick. But, let’s look at the positive side first. Similarly to the highlight, the contour stick glides on smoothly too and it definitely glides on the skin very nice. It also blends pretty easy and well, so there isn’t much of a problem with the quality of the product. I feel like the main concern I have is that the brown colour seems a little too orange. I have to be very careful with putting this on as if I accidentally used it with a heavy hand, it’ll come off too orange and I personally just do not like that.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for the fairer colour as I did buy the medium shade. But the colour is just really my main concern. Even from the picture above, you can kind of see it’s already pretty orange. Despite talking about the colour… If I had on a light hand and used it lightly, the colour does seem alright and it looks good.

The following picture shows the swatches of both the contour and the highlight. the first time is one quick swatch, the second is a larger box to show you the colour properly and the last is it with a quick one glide swatch with it blended out.

As you can see the contour bit looks subtle and does not really have an orange tone after it’s blended here and I did not go back and darken it. I prefer it like this as I already have quite prominent cheekbones, and my skin is pretty fair.


Since I feel that the highlight isn’t that obvious, here’s the same picture but taken with a flash on.


How it is used

This is the segment where I show you how to use this product. I’m not a master contourer myself, but I’d find it helpful if I provided you some tips and tricks. So, the picture below shows you what I do when using this product. I have to say I don’t usually contour my nose, but that is how I do it when I do. Quite obviously, the orange bit is the contour and white would be wear you use the highlighter.

I also don’t really use highlight on the browbones as it’s not really my thing, but you do you, boo!

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-23 at 15.34.41.jpeg

Verdict: BUY (7/10)

The packaging of the product isn’t really the best, I feel like it’s very mediocre and nothing really special. I really feel like the packaging could be better and, I’m not really a fan of it. But, it doesn’t bother me too much. The product has a good quality highlight and contour stick. It’s creamy and glides on really smoothly. Besides that, it also blends super easy. If you’re using your fingers, it’ll definitely transfer but that’s really normal. The colour of the contour gets too orange if used without a light hand or if over-layered or else it would be fine.

 Would you buy the product? Do you already have it? Do you think it’s a good product too? Tell me in the comments if you think this review was helpful!

Have a great day ahead!


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