Drowning in assignments ☠️

Currently, I’m literally dying…


This is where I am now, and all of us are “working” on our assignments as I’m typing this blog post. And, they’re generally my squad as you can put it. We have dinner and lunch together every night/afternoon. They’re a pretty fun bunch. I won’t really tell you much about them cause I don’t know if they’re ok with me taking about them on my blog due to privacy reasons. <:


Anyway, let’s talk a little about myself. I’ve grown a little more now, and at least I’ve got more of a following now on my blog. It’s been a while, so maybe I’ll just update you a bit (to whoever who’s interested). So, this month is pretty hectic for me as I have piles and piles of assignments due this whole month (as you can see from the picture below).


I don’t really have anything too personal in my schedule right now, so I decided to put it in. I also make my own journal and also kind of follow the bullet journal style; I really like it because I can literally customise anything. So, yea. Should I make a blog post/ video about my journal/ planner? I think that’ll be pretty interesting.

Moving on, I have a baking society in my school, and I’m part of the committee members- one who runs the club. I’m the head baker, so I’ve spent quite an amount of time looking into recipes and what our club should be baking for our bi-weekly classes. Yes, we have bi-weekly baking classes in our school, which is pretty cool! So, I do actually have to spend quite an abundance of time in actually putting some effort into the baking society. Sadly, I’ve been so busy, everything is just stressing me out. I didn’t even manage to post a video up this week, and that makes me pretty sad.

I’d really like to stick to a schedule for both my YouTube channel and this blog. So I think I’ll have to come out with ideas and plan an actual schedule cause I really do want to provide good content to both. I really enjoy doing it.

That’s really all for this post really. Hopefully, I can provide better quality content soon. I don’t really feel like I’ve been doing that much recently. I’m also wondering if I should hold another giveaway soon! That’ll be pretty cool.

Welp, that’s all. How was your weekend? How’s your life in generally! I’d love to know.




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