A weekend in the life of Sylvia

It didn’t really went out too well, if I’m being honest. 😦


I went up to Ipoh this weekend with some family, it was supposed to be a nice little trip (I haven’t been on one since a long time). Ipoh is about a 4 hours drive from where I live in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, on the way there, I caught a really bad flu, and later a fever. It was pretty shitty.

So, I took a paracetamol, and slept a bit when we arrived at the hotel. I did feel much better. We decided to go out to a nearby mall to eat and look around. My aunt also needed some new fancy clothes as she forgot to pack some for a wedding she’s attending the next day.

I have to say the food at the food court was pretty bad. I did try to vlog this trip, and I guess it was okay. I’m still not sure if I’m happy with it. So, expect a vlog on my YouTube channel anytime soon. Haha.


Amelie (my cousin) and I, woke up quite early today to get some breakfast at the hotel’s buffet. We enjoyed the waffles. Later, we went out and decided to explore the town a little as I was feeling much better. Initially, I wanted to look around some historical building and grab some pictures, but they were pretty hard to find as everything looked pretty historical lol. We did manage to find a place with the 3D art. We took some pictures, it was pretty fun.

We also explored some very touristy area, and bought some food.

We had dinner at a famous Chinese restaurant that serves “Ho fun” which is a type of noodles, with chicken and bean sprouse. Honestly, the food was mediocre and I did not really enjoy it. I wouldn’t recommend it. I was feeling fine up to that point, after dinner, I felt warm and uncomfortable. After dinner, Amelie and I were suppose to check out Time Square, but I really couldn’t go out. So we went back to the hotel.


I didn’t manage to take any pictures of filmed anything today as I felt so bad. My fever was getting the worst of me. I didn’t shower in the morning so my hair was terribly greasy and I just generally felt like poo.

I dreaded the car ride back, I slept most the way back in an uncomfortable position and I was very very sick. When we were finally home, my aunt brought Amelie and I to our usual clinic. Amelie had a bad cough and terrible phlegm, so she wanted to get that checked too.

I went home, took a shower because I just couldn’t stand my greasy hair. Took my medication and went to bed. I slept around 2pm ish and only woke up at night. I stayed awake a while feeling a little better so I stayed I my phone a bit, watching YouTube, and later back to sleep.

As I type this, my hands actually do feel a little numb and sore. But, hopefully, I’ll get better soon.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend? I’d love to know.

Also, I stubbed my left hand’s ring finger while closing my house’s sliding door last Thursday. It hurt so bad, and it still is pretty bad. I won’t show you a picture but I’ll describe it to you: half of the part under my nail is now a dark purple blackish shade which some reds peeking out. It still hurts and it feels really uncomfortable. Help 😦


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