Video 🎥: Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge + Getting personal

I decided to upload this despite not really liking the quality of the video. This was actually the second video I have ever filmed but haven’t uploaded. So yea-

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-24 at 19.36.39

Hello Syllies! Syllies? Yes, Syllies!

I decided I wanted to come up with a name of some sort to refer to instead of saying “guys” or “everybody” cause I feel like it’s a little boring. Actually going back to Syllie, I was contemplating on whether to change all my social media username to “Sylliepie”. I felt like I wanted to do so, because a) I think it’s adorable and b) a lot of people seem to not get my  username- aivlyz. So if you’re interesting in knowing more about why I have such a username and the story behind both the usernames, continue reading! If not, here’s the link to my video: click here to watch it. 🙂

OH! One more thing, I am a little disappointed about the quality but, yes, I decided to put it up anyway cause Zac and I had a great time while he did my makeup. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to film it again because he has gone back to America. So yea… Hope you enjoy it nevertheless! 🙂

When I was 15 years old, Instagram has only started making it’s way there. Lucky for me I received an iPhone for my birthday so I was able to upload pictures and what not. So around that age, my high school best friend named Clare and I, did something and came up with having our name backwards. I mean in 2011/2012, that was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the username “Aivlys” which is really my name backwards has been taken; turns out we weren’t THAT creative. So since someone beat me to it, I took the initiative to change the “s” to a “z”. So ta-da, how this username was born! Fortunately, almost everywhere I went nobody had taken the username. SO, I manage to have it for myself in Instagram/Tumblr/emails… and so on. However, the username on Facebook and Twitter are unavailable as it has been taken. 😦

Enjoy a picture of me when I was 14, with my scene hair. It’s soooooo cringey. I’m the one on the far left. Clare is the one in the middle. 🙂


About a year or two later, I become close to two other girls who are currently still my besties- Qi Yan and Sam. They decided calling me Syllie which kinda sounds like “silly”. So, that’s where that happened. I decided to add a ‘pie’ at the end just cause I’m usually associated with the word “cute”. A lot of friends/family/people in general that I have met have told me that I’m cute. Not just how I look, but also my personality. So, I decided to accept that hahaha. Sylliepie just sounds adorable! Below is a picture of the three of us! It’s been months since we all came together, but yea. I’m on the left, Qi Yan (Qiqi) middle, and Sam on the right.


So, that is actually it. The back story of my usernames. I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a lovely day/night!


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