Mini Haul: Korean skincare + makeup (from

I don’t know guys, I feel like my Korean makeup and skincare collection has been getting a little out of hand. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 23.20.09.png
I decided to spend some money to buy some things I’ve wanted for a while because I found an amazing website that offers spectacular prices on Korean skincare/makeup called Althea. And, I would highly recommend you guys to check out the shop! I’ll link it right here.


Althea is a company situated in Korea that helps buyers buy products for a much cheaper price. I can guarantee that all their products are 100% authentic. Plus, they also have a 30-day unconditional return policy if you aren’t satisfied with their products, which is amazing. 😀 Oh! And if you’re new, you get RM30 off your whole bill!

When my package came, I was ecstatic! Being a student, buying all these products in stores would have cost me more than RM 500 (USD 125), but because I bought it from this website, I manage to snag all of them for about RM310 (USD 77.50). I was a very satisfied buyer. However, one major downside is that you would need to spend a minimum of RM150 (USD 37.50) to get free shipping. So, if you were to buy from this website, I would recommend you maybe splurge altogether or buy the items with a friend. 🙂 Just a little info (from my experience), they charge about RM30 (USD 7.50) to ship.


If you can’t tell from the pictures, I have bought a number of things. I’ll list them all below:

  1. Laneige: Water Pack Essence
  2. Innisfree: Green Tea Seed Serum
  3. Innisfree: Super Volcanic Pore Mask
  4. Etude House: Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Green
  5. Skin Food: Rice Mask wash off
  6. Skin Food: Egg White Pore Mask
  7. (not in pictures*) Witch’s Pouch: Love Me Blusher
  8. (free from purchases*) Witch’s Pouch: My Lip Lovegauge in #02 (I Think You)

If you were wondering why I haven’t put in the picture of the blusher. It is due to the fact that it was severely damaged when I had received it. Unfortunately, the powder completely broke! 😦 I contacted Althea’s customer service, which I have to say was amazing as they responded almost immediately! They unconditionally gave me a refund; however, it was given in points so I was able to get another blusher for free. If I were to have wanted to spend more anytime soon, I wouldn’t have mind. But, I had decided to splurge and had bought everything I had wanted when I bought those products. To get back the blush even if it’s free, I would still need to pay the shipping (RM30). 😿 💸

I told Althea’s customer service (a very friendly staff named Dan) that I was really unhappy as I have already spent so much money and don’t think I will buy anything anymore for awhile and asked if I were able to get free shipping. And, he replied saying that he would send my request to get free shipping for the blush! I was very very glad. On top of that, he managed to get back to me on the same day. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with how Althea managed my problem. So big thumbs up for them! 👍🏼👍🏼


As for the free item, I got it because it’s their 1 year anniversary (they were giving out free gifts to the first 1,500 buyers during the month)! Happy birthday Althea!

P.S. this post isn’t sponsored, and even if it was I would still highly recommend Althea.

Do you have any Korean makeup/skincare products you absolutely enjoy? Which products would you like me to review the most? Do you own any of the products I have? Tell me in the comments below!

Hope you had a great weekend~

EDIT: I just received my refunded blusher in good condition. It came just a week after emailing Dan. I am very very impressed with my experience with Althea. So do check them out!


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