Food Hunt: Paddington House of Pancakes

I could honestly say having pancakes once in a while is the greatest feeling ever. Getting that whiff of freshly flipped pancakes. Mmmhhh.


This is a pancake place that is really cute. I’ve been here a few, and I’ve recommended the place to some people before; the food there seem to be pretty good to me. I feel like the prices isn’t too bad, I mean, most of the time these pancake places would be about the same price.


Here’s my lovely brunch date. As you can see behind, this cafe-restaurant has an open kitchen. You can sometimes get a good whiff of the food they’re making. Plus, I think the little display cabinets where there showcase their ingredients is pretty cute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to put a little slideshow of the food we ordered. 🙂 Zac and I decided to share a drink because I’d be too stuffed to finish both a drink and my food. The one with the blue plate is what I ordered; it’s on the savoury pancake menu. It has some cream cheese and blueberry-filled pancakes, a slice of bacon with mushrooms, and scrambled eggs. It was good, the pancakes were nice and fluffy, but I reckon the eggs could have used more seasoning. Hahh.

Zac got a sweet pancake which has blueberries in them, topped with ice-cream, and he really enjoyed them. OH! P.S. I forgot what drink we got but it was really good, kinda tasted like gummies. It was a little too sweet for me, but Zac really liked it.


Hah. He looked so much happier with the food on the table. ;P

Overall, the ambience of the place is pretty cute and bright. There aren’t too many seating areas cause like I said, it’s a pretty small place. I liked the pancakes and their menu overall. So I’d give it a good thumbs up! 😀

If you’re in KL, you can find this restaurant on the second highest floor of NU central in KL central. Our whole meal cost less than RM 50 (USD 12.50); we also got a 10% off which was pretty cool. All you need is a student’s ID, which I got, on a weekday. Hope you enjoy the following pictures I took of the place!

Do you have any pancake places you enjoy near you? If you do, I’d love to know more about it! Write in the comments below, and maybe share a picture!

Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂






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