Video: My Go-To MakeUp Tutorial

I did a video on YouTube as I said I would <:


Hello cutiepies!

I have mentioned that I’ll feature the Etude House Color My Brow in an “everyday makeup tutorial” (I do use the product when I do my makeup js lol) but since I don’t wear makeup every day, it’s only fitting I called the video my go-to makeup look. Anyway, I kinda thought my video wasn’t actually a tutorial but more of a routine with me just showing you what products I use and how I used them. But, by the time I realised that, what is done is done. 😦

I can honestly say I spent quite a long time on this and I’m actually really proud of the outcome! Tell me if you liked the video and if I should make more, if so, what would you like to watch? I was planning on making on with my boyfriend before he goes back to America. Hurrr. Leave a subscribe if you want on my channel and I’ll see ya soon! P.S. I’m actually really sick, I caught a bad cold after filming my video so that sucks.

Stay amazee~




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