Review: Korean Skincare | Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask 

I enjoy using sheet masks as they provide great moisture for my face and at the same time, it is very affordable! 

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Hello Cutiepies!

These Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Maks do come in different “flavours” such as green tea, strawberry, Shea butter, and much more. I have bought one of every flavour and have tried most of them out. Haha.

The product comes in these packaging, that’s crisps and clean. Not really too eye catching, just simplistic; but, I think it looks chic like that. I’ve noticed that the size of the package is definitely smaller than your usual mask sheet which doesn’t really affect me in any way. Heh. But, you do have to be careful when you open them, because it is smaller, you may accidentally rip into the mask. But, that has never happened to me. So, just a warning for ya. -wink wink- 😉 😉


I won’t go through all the flavours I have bought as it would be a whole lot to write about; but, I will overall give you an idea what I thought of their sheet masks. They are all basically for the purpose of giving moisture to your face (which is usually what I need in a sheet mask). Each sheet mask retails at RM 4 (USD 1), which I personally think is absolutely amazing. P.S. I don’t know how much they sell them in the U.S. or anywhere else, but they’re 4 bucks worth for Malaysians.

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I honestly think that each mask provides different impacts to the face. Some may work better for others with different skin type and different people. I have combination skin (oily on the T-zone but generally also dry) and very sensitive skin (I get red itchy patches easily if I use a bad product). So, if you are to try these masks, I would recommend if you get one of each (since they are so affordable) and see for yourself which works best for you. From what I have tried, Shea butter works best for me and I absolutely love how it feels on my face. 


Generally, I would say all the masks I have used is pretty good. I did some research and it does contain ingredients you would normally find in typical sheet masks, so they’re not too special. But, they have some base ingredients in there that were interesting such as orchid extract and Citrus Unshui Peel extract. And, I did found that most of their ingredients are not prone to creating acne, so that is awesome.

Besides that, they also include actual real extract of the flavours they have labelled it as. I recently used the strawberry one, it does contain real strawberries, and it did smelt like strawberries. So, for another example, the kiwi mask does include kiwi juice in it. Yea, it’s pretty nice that they actually include real ingredients into the masks; however, I am not sure if this implies to all the masks as I’ve only looked into a number of them.

The masks aren’t over soaked in product which I like, cause some masks can be very wet that the product would run down my face. Ick.  The size of the mask fits well, I don’t have too much extra bits. And, the thickness of the mask isn’t too thick. It’s a little more on the thinner side, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

How it is used:
I usually keep my masks in the fridge. I take them out when I want to use them, wack it onto my face and leave it on until the mask is kinda dried out (about 30-40 minutes); I know it’s getting dry when it stops sticking to my face. Then, I wash off the remaining product on my face (I do this because my face is so sensitive that literally any sheet mask I take off and not rinse my face will start itching and get red).

Verdict: 9/10
Overall, the masks do provide great moisture to my face; my face does feel soft and smooth after using them. They provide real ingredients of the flavours that they offer, which is a plus to me. And, they’re super affordable so I can buy a good moisturising sheet mask for my face anytime. Is it worth it? Yes!

Have you tried these masks? Do they work for you? Got any sheet masks to recommend? Tell me in the comments!


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