5 Tips to Keeping a Healthy Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationship, I feel, could take a lot of commitment. But, it also tests your partner and your own loyalty that can bring you both closer than ever. 

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Hello, cutiepies!

I decided to do a little tip thing this time, and I am speaking from experience. My current boyfriend, Zac, lives in America (Washington to be exact). And I, in Malaysia. We’re literally living on the other side of each other with a time difference of 15 hours. We’ve been together as a couple for more than a year now and we’re still going strong.

**If you want to know more about us, tell me in the comments below haha. I might make a blog post about us. 


Above is the picture of my boyfriend and I that I really like

How do you keep a healthy long distance relationship (LDR), you ask? Well, I’m here to give you some tips!

1) Communication


C’mon social media and chatting apps are a thing now. Admit it, you practically use it every day! Talking/ chatting with each other could probably only be the only way to maintain your relationship since you probably can hardly see your partner. So, don’t be afraid to be the one who message first! Greet them “good morning” if he/she hasn’t messaged you yet when you’re up. Ask them how their day was at night; talk about it, Skype! Trust me, it makes a difference.

2) Share your thoughts


One thing I have learnt is, to be honest with your partner. Tell them when you’re unhappy, let them know something is wrong. Behind a screen, they are unavailable to read you. If they have done something you do not like, tell them. It is already frustrating that your partner so far away from you and you can’t physically throw a tantrum at them when you’re mad. So, tell them what is going on in your head.

Besides that, I feel a great way to grow a relationship is share your mind with them. Show them who you are- your strengths, your weaknesses, the things you like, the things you hate, your hobbies, your pet peeves. Do not be afraid to show your partner who you are even if it is just behind a screen, the feelings are very much real, especially if they open and share their mind with you too.

3) Make plans


Talking about the future could be quite ridiculous for some people. But, for me, it’s pretty vital. Why would you date someone if you weren’t planning on marrying them? Making plans for the future, I feel, is a great motivation for couples to improve themselves for each other. For example, you and your partner both agreed that you both want to live abroad together in a couple of years after finishing your degrees. That itself is already a long-term goal that the both of you, as a couple, made. And, it could be a motivation for the both of you to work hard for your degrees and start saving money for the move, which is a great way for you to push hard to be a better person for your partner and watching he/she grow too.

Plus, you don’t need to go so far if you don’t agree about something that major. Maybe plan something smaller, such as saying, by the end of this month, you and your partner don’t want to have as many disagreements/arguments. If you both agreed and planned to improve, I’m pretty sure things would probably end well. If you feel that your partner isn’t trying as hard as you are, confront them. And, if he/she is still neglecting you, maybe reflect and think whether he/she really mean it when he/she says ‘I love you’.

4) Spend time together when apart


Besides chatting, there are other ways you can spend time with your partner. Watching TV shows/ movies together is by far my favourite activity to do with my partner. What I do is call them on Skype, have them on the same movie link as I do, countdown and click on the play button at the same time, and enjoy! This I feel is a great way to bond when though you both are miles and miles apart!

There are also plenty of other things to do, such as playing online games together and reading/discussing books. I found a website here that gives you 130 ideas on what you and your partner can do online together!

5) Organise a visit


Getting to meet your partner is probably one of the best things ever! The feeling of being overjoyed when you can finally have their physical presence right next to you. So, organising a visit to each other is a great way of maintaining your relationship. It is something you both and look forward to, and actually spend time with each other. If your partner isn’t too far away from you (e.g. in another state), maybe you can give them a surprise by visiting abruptly! 🙂

Andddddd those were the 5 tips I had. I feel like these are just a few handy ways that you can follow to help maintain your long-term relationship (well, if you have one). Also, don’t mind that most of the pictures were taken in my room, so they literally have the same background lol.

Tell me in the comments if I should make these tips thing an actual regular thing. If so, what would you want tips about? Also, if you have any LDR experiences, do share with me! I am quite curious. 😉

This post is dedicated/inspired from mi bf- Zac.

Stay cute!


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