Review: Korean Makeup | Etude House Color My Brows

Eyebrow gels have become very trendy these days and I took the opportunity to try out one for myself!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 22.18.15.png

Hello cutiepies!

The eyebrow gel I decided to go with was the Etude House Color My Brows (in shade 04- Natural Brown). This is mainly because Etude House is one of my favourite Korean makeup brands and it was on discount when I bought it. I think I got it for around RM 30 (USD 7.50), I bought it awhile back. I’m not too sure about the original price in stores but you can look them up online! (:

It comes with 5 other colours which I will show you below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 22.23.39

Disclaimer: This picture does not belong to me. I took it from Etude House’s website. I also do not know Korean lol

Mine was the second lightest shade of the five; the lady working at the store chose the colour for me. It’s cause my hair is quite light. But, after using it a few times, I kinda regretted it a little. This is because I usually opt for dark coloured eyebrows. But, I still do use the product frequently. And, honestly, I have to say I quite like it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 22.18.45

As you can see above, I have swatched it on a piece of paper to show you how the colour is on pure white paper and how the applicator looks like. I do have to say that the applicator tends to pick up a lot of product. So, I usually  swipe them off the sides of the tube and use a very light hand to apply it. That’s the only downside I can think of…

The pros, on the other hand, I feel that this makes my brow hair lighter and blends well when I have filled them with a pencil prior applying this product. Ergo: it makes my brows looking softer and natural (not harsh is what I’m trying to say). Moreover, it does last for quite a long time on my brows (from morning to night).

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 22.18.37

How it is used:
In my opinion, I feel that this product can be used two ways- 1) Use them on your eyebrows without any other product. 2) Applying it to your eyebrows after you have drawn your eyebrows in. I usually do the latter; I fill in my eyebrows with a pencil, then put it on.

Verdict: 8/10
Overall, I would say that this is a great product to use. I may be a little biased because the only other brands I’ve tried for brow gels is from Innisfree (my cousin has it and I used it a few times); however, I much prefer this one than my cousin’s. I gave it an 8 cause the application can be a little annoying if you aren’t careful with it. But, hey, that’s my opinion.

**I won’t be able to test this on my face this time, but I promise it would be featured in my go-to makeup routine blog post when it’s up!

Hope this review helps! Comment below if you have any Etude House items you enjoy using!


3 thoughts on “Review: Korean Makeup | Etude House Color My Brows

  1. Pastel YUKI says:

    Great post~~ Hope to see more from you.
    I wanted to buy that tint, now I know better thanks for the sharing

    I do makeup and skincare too! Would u mind to check me out as well? Beauty and Beauty support?

    P.S follow me and I will follow and like all your post 😉 (shhhh…)

    Insta: @hello_yukiko

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