Henna Tattoos

Henna, I feel, is a beautiful style of artwork that can be done on the human body. Almost like face painting! haha

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 23.13.54.png

Hello cutiepies!

Today I decided to talk about Henna. If you do not know what that is, to put it simply- Henna is a type of plant. But in all honestly, that’s the as much as I know. Haha. Anyway, Henna is also used popularly as a temporary tattoo and hair dye, especially in the Arabic and Indian culture. I won’t go into too much detail into it because I’m only vaguely familiar with how it’s used culturally.

Pictures of Henna I drew on myself and my mum

I did some Henna on my mum and boyfriend some time ago. And this time, I figured I did one on myself. When I finished my Henna drawing, my mum wanted another one on her other hand. And so I did another.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 19.05.22

I started the drawing from the centre and made my way around the centre piece. If you haven’t noticed, Henna drawings are very repetitive and complex in a way which gives it a very intricate look to it. Very similar to a mandala design but less complex I guess. I personally think patterns that look like flowers look the prettiest.

From the picture above, the little tube looking thing on the right- that’s the tube of Henna I used. I’m not very familiar with Henna brands, so I don’t know what to recommend you guys. But, I do know they come in many different colours; to name a few: red, black, and white. I personally have never tried using the white one, but I do prefer the black and it comes off very pigmented and would last for quite a long time. The dark red I found doesn’t really stay on the skin for a long time and turns into this orangey shade when it’s fading, which to me, isn’t a very appealing colour.

I bought a few tubes of Henna from a little Indian shop near KL Central (in case any other people living in Malaysia wants to know haha). It’s right across the train station. They’re less than RM2 (USD 0.5).

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to draw their own Henna tattoos to buy these frosting tube like packaging instead of the one that comes in a toothpaste tube. I say this because the frosting type one makes drawing much easier and precise. The toothpaste tube, on the other hand, has a bigger fixed hole the Henna comes out off which makes the drawing not too detailed. I, personally, do not like that.

Also a friendly tip when it comes to drawing- find your own way of coming up with Henna designs! I personally love floral designs, I think they’re the prettiest! For more inspiration for design a Henna tattoo, just look it up on Google; there are plenty of examples. Also, do not be afraid to mess up, you can always try again! 🙂 Or if you really want to practise, try drawing them on paper using real Henna, that way you can feel the real thing and have better control of it.

There’s nothing much to say anymore, I hope you’re having a great day and maybe got inspired to draw your know Henna tattoo! See you soon!


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