Review: Korean Makeup | Innisfree Eco Nail Color

I haven’t written a blog post for such a long time and it’s already mid of June..

Now let’s look at some nail polishes I’ve gotten.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 02.21.12

Here are all the colours I’ve gotten (so far) from Innisfree. But first off, let me introduce you to this brand (if you’ve not heard of it before). Innisfree is a Korean cruelty-free** cosmetics brand that provides a large range of products- from skin care to makeup and nail polishes. And, I personally am a fan of a number of their products. Their prices are considered very affordable, I can confirm this as a student.

**According to resources from their actual website, etc. They claim to not have any animal-based ingredients in their products and do not test on animals. However, I am not 100% sure with their other corporations (Innisfree China), but they definitely do not test on animals in Korea. This includes the products I have bought which had labels saying ‘made in Korea’.

Well, enough info about the brand. Let me give you my review of the nail polishes!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 02.21.28

The above are the four colours I have gotten and swatched on a notepad. Even though the colours are there for you to see, I’ll still briefly go through them:

  1. #158 – a gold colour that comes with glitter
  2. #42 – a deep pink-nude with a coral undertone
  3. #167 – a metallic copperish colour
  4. #41 – a deep navy blue

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 02.20.59

The colours are very vibrant, pigmented and are RM10 each (about USD 2.50), which just seals the deal! The texture of the nail polishes are smooth and buildable (just like any other nail polishes lol) but, they really are very very very pigmented. The gold (#158), copper (#167) and dark blue (#41) could work with just one coat; the pink-nude (#42) one needs two coats I feel (but still has good pigmentation). I can’t really tell if it’s due to them being dark colours, but still, they are better than the nail polishes I’ve gotten from other brands (such as Etude House that usually needs at least 3 coats).

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 15.30.19

I’ve also gotten the Eco Top Coat and Quick Dry drops. Mainly because I ran out of my old Top Coat. I find it to be a good replacement as it works just as well as my O.P.I top coat, and is definitely worth the price- RM15 (USD 3.75). The Quick Dry drops I decided to get as well as my cousin had a product like that long before a lot of brands started making it and I liked it; it really works amazingly cause I’m always so impatient to wait for my nails to completely dry. What it basically does is help your nails dry faster as it helps evaporate the solvents of the nail polish, in about 10-15 minutes, my nails are completely dry! It was RM 19.

Verdict: 9/10
Overall, I would recommend these nail polishes to anyone. They provide a large range of beautiful colours that is both affordable and high in quality!

Below is a picture of the polishes (#167 & #41) I just put on this week.


Hope you’re have a great day! Cheers!
– Sylvia


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