Hello cutiepies!


nice to meet you. My name is Sylvia. (: I’m currently a university student aspiring to be an international English teacher.

As you probably can tell from my blog, I’m new. Haha. And that’s fine.

I decided to create this blog because I feel like I would like to post my DIYs and ideas somewhere and share them with other people. For the past few months of this year and last year, I have been trying to participate more in life. By this, I mean, doing things I enjoy doing and living the moment. Along side that, I also get to improve to be the better me and gain new experiences and knowledge.

To you who is reading this, if anything, I’d love you to join my journy and do more things in life!

That’s all from me now. Haha. I’m actually writing this at 03:23. I should go to bed soon.



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